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Discussion in '2004 Orca C113' started by MooSquad, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Who pwns who?
  2. For the one that voted "other", which car?
  3. does anyone else like the carrera GT?
  4. Carrera GT, if we are talking about an everyday-useable car. This doesn't seem like a car that would be useable outside of the race-track. True sequential transmissions are great on race-cars, but typically bad news for road cars. Lots of NVH...
  5. Did any one else pick the enzo ? i mean think for a sec, if take the speks from this car and the enzo the enzo is the clear winner
  6. i voted for the C113 bcause its freaken awesome!
  7. well, obviously you didn't look at the weight of the C113, which is 1200lbs lighter then the Enzo, or maybe the top speed, which is 7mph faster then the Enzo, or maybe the 0-60 time, which is .5 seconds quicker (1/2 of a second is about a full car length at 60mph)
  8. OMG!!!!!!!! i cant believe how many people chose the saleen s7 its so bad....
  9. if were smarter u would see that the enzo proved itself up to over 300mph and the orca has only estamated and guessing
  10. other for me = Maserati MC12
  11. Have you ever considered lateral grip? THe Enzo isnt the end all to be all. There isn't an end all to be all car. Lighter the weight the better. Do you see any race cars that weight over 3000lbs? The Orca weights less than an LMP car. The less weight the better...The Orca must be alot harder to drive than the Enzo however. Due to lack of electronic aids and AWD. Yet...Which is faster is most likely the driver. In auto racing drivers race each other not cars!
  12. 300mph?!?!?! d00d datz liek 4lm0zt 7w¡c3 t3h zp33d of z0und, y0!
  13. Dumbass kids man I swear. Do people not understand the difference between KPH and MPH. The Enzo has been maxed out at 208MPH which is 338KPH.

    Either way I choose the Koeniggsegg CCR, Nice styling, Great performance and a less known car. These are all great cars but most would be known by anybody who sees them. With exception to the Lotec, Orca and Dauer. but they lose out in the Styling and practicality part.
  14. 300 MPH DEER GOD!


    Rotary with the pistons right.
  15. Ford Pinto.
  16. no, it has jet engines, weighs 10 tonnes and costs fifty million dollars, and only comes in titanium. oh wait, thats a FA18.
  17. Porsche Carrera GT
  18. You put the Lotec C1000 on there, so I'm going to say the Bugatti EB110.
  19. The correct answer is sooooooo the Lister Storm. There has never been a cooler car in all of history.
  20. You are Uber stupid!
  22. Considering I reside in the frigid hell of Canada...jkz...I think I'd prefer something that is not just about speed, but handling and some comfort as I guess I'll choose:
    1. McLaren F1 = Proven reliability, practicality, performance, exclusivity. Seat 3 BTW.

    2. Konigsegg CCR = Insanely powerful, love those di-hedral syncho-actuation door, looks like a comfy cabin, adjustable settings for almost everything so I can set for track, then reset for street...and I like the purposeful look though not sexy. BTW..can be made a roadster very quickly. Pretty exclusive too!!

    3. Porsche Carrera GT = Ever since I first saw it I fell in love with it. It's a very sexy car...well built..well for a modern super car that is designed as a convertible/roadster...I'd take one. I think they said max of 2500 units are being made?...or was it 1500?

    4. Pagani Zonda = I dunno why, it's pretty nice and insane, but looks road worthy. Design is a little odd for me, but hey..7.3L AMG V12...can't complain...and custom leather set, and driving shoes made by the popes on cobbler.

    5. Ferrari F40/F50 = I like these cars..Find them more passionate and sexy than anything that has come from Scuderia Ferrari in a while.

    6. Jaguar XJ220 = Same reason as McLaren F1.

    7. Bugatti EB110 = same as above...even one knows how many has actually been made...lolz!
  23. i like seeing people be patriotic about the supercars which roll out of their country. so im gonna root for the noble south africa viva!!and dont vote ANC ; thy'll amend the constitution... bastards... :p
  24. Ooooo...Noble M400...a very impressive car indeed...lolz. I totally forgot about it. I do like the looks of it, and I heard many great things about it. =) Wish I got the opportunity to drive one someday.

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