You know what really grinds my gears

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  1. Mother#$%#ing caravans. What's worst? 2-3 following each other so you have to top 180 km/h to pass them. What's the fun in driving at 80% of the speed limit and slowing everyone down?

  2. Srsly. I don't mind slow moving vehicles as much, they can be overtaken. It's the massive ones that you can't see past on narrow country lanes.

    One of my Hiace diesel vans had this problem, where if you pushed it too hard it would go into a limp-home mode and lose most of it's power and go about 30km/h - in places like single lane twisty mountain roads. Would continue like that until it cooled down. I'd pull over at every opportunity to let people through, why can't caravans do the same! MRRGH!@#
  3. Lack of oil really grinds my gears, but then again I'm a robot
  4. that sucks man, but that van really looks like a dog... kind of previa reloaded.

  5. angriest member
  6. Clutchless shifting.
  7. I agree with everything you say here. anyone who has ever bought a caravan shouldn't be driving. same with people who buy kias.
  8. Netherlands says hi
  9. u leik carravanss?
  10. dont get the movie reference, but yes we like caravans. ask fxmano <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  11. I fookin hate pikeys.
  12. ugh, you guys clog our roads up so bad. it's bad enough to be behind a norwegian caravan, but when you see those yellow license plates and the NL sticker you best pass sooner rather than later. even normal dutch cars seem to go extra slow. maybe all the mountains are confusing to you, but god damn it is annoying for us other drivers.

    but as long as you have a fast enough car and a decent road, passing people is fun and exciting.
  13. Dutch people visit norway with caravans? Thats pretty lol
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    I waste dodge caravans on the back country roads

  15. Maybe buy motorcycle, can overtake turtle speed oversize vehicle quite easy.

    Or just continue generate road rage in your shit box behind moving house and explode artery inside brain.
  16. kias look better than german cars now
  17. do you get anything ever though?
  18. yeah. im smart
  19. oh so youre just pretending to be dumb most of the time
  20. Every month you make this thread. At least we know when you get your period
  21. its simply exquisite trolling!
  22. every thread gets made every month

    this site is so lame
  23. yeah man you are like the most common kind of caravan tourist here along with ze germans (movie reference from same movie, and completely true to boot)

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