You know why Canada is superior to America?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dx49, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. so is the usa
  2. Was
  3. Who holds your strings?
  4. We really don't have any actual ties to them... we're more a US colony cuz of economics and no military.
  5. It can't be much better than real Vermont maple syrup. I will, of course, conceed that 90% of American syrup is shit. But Vermont maple syrup is great.
  6. - I'm fairly indifferent to real vs. fake maple syrup in most circumstances. Both get the job done.

    - Montreal is the best part of Canada. The rest of Quebec smells (this isn't a slur it's a fact: it's covered with smelly pump mills)

    - Go back ~250 years and NOBODY could have predicted French Quebec would still be in place today. The French in North America have to be about the least-oppressed/discriminated minority in the world.
  7. My stepdad got a tin can of it from this Quebecois living out west here, but the syrup itself is from his family in Quebec. My god, I will never have that nigga Aunt Jemima shit ever again. Hopefully we get more tins of that 100% canuck stuff.
  8. Exactly what I think Canada is good for. Maple.

    Mmm ist great, but such a small trait for such a large country
  9. Maple, Tim Hortons, Lumber, beef, eh?
  10. the girls there are pretty hot too.
  11. You know Vancouver and Montreal have huge numbers of girls compared to guys ratio? I never see it, but I guess its true. Lots of singles in Van.
  12. Canada has a lower population and socialized healthcare. That is why I personally prefer it.
  13. That makes no sense.
  14. ok let me rephrase, the populace of Vancouver, there are more Single girls than single guys. Apparently. I heard it somewhere, but I dunno if its true. Canada itself has more women than men in the Country.
  15. his fuhrer mr. harper would like to change that healthcare though
  16. Martial Law Declared
    With the advent of our Fuhrer seizing control of the government, we Canadians are about to experience a glorious age in our nation's, nay, EMPIRE's, long history.

    This usurption of power, long awaited by millions of our unique Judeo-Aryan monotlithic society, will finally address the dire needs which plague our Fatherland.

    Though it might distress some to see women still on the streets this morning, rest assured that it will not be long before they are back in their kitchens, fixing up recipes for fish and other foods associated with good breeding practises.

    Those of the perverse homosexual persuation will be delighted to find themselves on an all-expense-paid vacation to Cuba to enjoy the lovely beaches and fine climate of an exotic bay tucked away on the southeast corner of the island. (With all the fun they will be having, we might not ever see them back <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A> )

    The Furher will also be expanding on its proposed child care program. The initiative, now caringly known as the "Harper Youth", will ensure future generations will appreciate -- and, yes, even love -- this great nation of peoples and those who choose to rule. (Please note: only children resembling those of our Fuhrer will be allowed to become a member of the Harper Youth.)

    Our Fuhrer has not forgotten the downtrodden of our society, namely, our aboriginal peoples, who have been swept aside in the past as an afterthought along the path of progress. With his ascension, our Fuhrer will reopen the residential schools to be renamed "concentration camps" so that the "participants" will concentrate their efforts on climbing out of poverty. Our aboriginal peoples will finally be able to shed their savage ways and turn their red skin to a moral hue of pale.

    Finally, our Fuhrer pledges his Final Solution to the poverty crisis in Canada. The Canadian military will be ordered to "troop the storm" of impovershed sectors of major cities in order to eradicate poverty, no matter what the cost. This government will see the end of poverty, one way or another.

    Indeed, this is a wondrous time to be a Canadian. Our pride has been restored, our agendas no longer hidden, our faith in ourselves redeemed. The future is as bright as a book-burning pyre and as tall as the Bush Monument (formerly known as the CN Tower).

    God bless us all, and God bless Our Fuhrer.
  17. Road Trip!
  18. They don't like fat guys with big ugly heads.
  19. Dont bother
  20. Holy bumpage Batman.
  21. Pure, grade A maple surup comes from Vermont. I'll take the Pepsi challenge to Canadian surup anyday.
  22. Sorry, we don't like to waste Quebec or Ontario maple on Americans. You can just pretend your Vermont bilge is as good, and enjoy your blissful ignorance.
  23. Why all this superiority crap? Can't we all just get along?

    Norway is best by the way.
  24. I don't want to get along with Americans. Most of them annoy me.
  25. sleemens beer is quite over rated.

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