You know you're in trouble when...

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  1. have 4000 Japanese police officers hunting you down.

    Quote from ;

    4,000 police hunt for rape suspect who escaped from prosecutors office in Kawasaki

    Crime Jan. 08, 2014 - 04:10PM JST


    A massive manhunt was underway in Japan on Wednesday with 4,000 police officers, 850 vehicles, sniffer dogs, helicopters and boats scouring Kawasaki for an escaped rape suspect.

    Yuta Sugimoto, 20, was being questioned over claims he was part of a gang that raped and robbed a woman on the streets of Kawasaki on Jan 2.

    According to police, Sugimoto was speaking to his lawyer on the sixth floor of the Yokohama District Prosecutors Office building. He asked to use the restroom on the 4th floor. A police officer removed his handcuffs but left a restraint attached to Sugimoto’s waist. In the few short moments when he was not being watched by the officer in charge, Sugimoto slipped from his bindings and escaped the building. The officer gave chase but lost him.

    On Wednesday, police said that Sugimoto’s clothes were discovered in the garden of a nearby house.

    Police in the area mounted the massive operation when the alarm was raised, flooding the streets with thousands of officers and a huge amount of equipment, the Sankei Shimbun newspaper reported.

    Police say Sugimoto was arrested Monday along with another man. The case itself was not going to be made public, but that changed when the suspect vanished, the official said.

    Local schools instructed students not to venture out alone. “It is frightening that he is still on the run,” one mother of an elementary school child told Fuji TV.

    Japan Today/AFP

  2. Big in japan
  3. lol Asia
    you breed people like we breed roaches!
  4. When you're big in Japan, tonight, big in Japan, be tight
    Big in Japan, ooh, the eastern sea's so blue
    Big in Japan, alright, pay then I'll sleep by your side
    Things are easy when you're big in Japan
    Oh, when you're big in Japan
  5. hasn't japan's population been declining for years?
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    Big time. Lol Japan is fUcked because most people are too afraid/lazy to go out and meet people. This is a relevant Vice bit on Japan
  7. you breed roaches?

  8. Ignorance is bliss.
  9. declining at the same rate drano's racism's been increasing
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    lol wtf
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    Only in Japan-

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