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Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by MooSquad, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. And you have no other car, so hey, you're also stuck with it as daily driver.
  2. Lada. without question or doubt.
  8. wait a minute, i dont drive a saab
  9. yep, even though the lada is cooler
  10. daily driver? i'll pick the one that wasn't designed in 1970.
  11. Let me toss in a classic mini argument or something
  12. neither is suitable
  14. glad to see your on team Lada James.
  15. Hmmm, a 40 year-old italian design 'improved' by the russians or a japanese drifting appliance. I guess I'll go with the Nissan.
  16. the nissan fo sure
  17. the one that wasn't an embaressing piece of shit for more than a quarter of a century
  19. Nissan like the Nissan GTR ?
  20. every nissan in the lineup, or every lada
  21. Nissan, it could be something good like one of the many rwd or 4wd coupes they made, hell even a Primera SRi would make me happy! But then again, Murano Convertible, and I can't live with even a slight chance that I might get a Murano Convertible, so Lada it is.
  22. love how this thread has now been derailed because of scnet crashbugs
  23. Nissan, because I already drive one.

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