You people don't know about racing

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  1. The only thing stock about a Stock Car is the shape of the body. And even that is modified, and the body is made out of fiberglass and Kevlar.

    The monocoque steel chassis alone probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece. They are made to withstand up to 3g of lateral force, MUCH higher than anything Lamborghini has EVER made.

    Their 5.7L Billet Aluminum V8's pump out close to 800 hp at 9000rpms. And by the way, WHICH Le Mans car makes more than 700? I've never heard of anything more than 700, much less anything close to 900.

    They ALSO use wind tunnels AND real-time track testing.

    Also, while they do usually race in ovals (which is boring), every year when they race at Mid-Ohio Raceway, they get MUCH higher Track Times than even the Audi LMP cars.

    I'm not a NASCAR fan. It's run by a bunch of rednecks. But you have to give credit where credit is due.
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    what credit? the technology is old and the races are unexciting. Put a nascar on a GT or lemans track with the "5.7L v'8s" we dont know what racing is? nascar is hardly racing.
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    You two are both un-informed.

    First, this is a PR tool. It has 900 horsepower so Hans Stuck dan drive the bejesus out of it on The Nurburgring and make a great show for BMW and it's PR machine. Yes, it's cool. No, I wouldn't want one.

    Second, NASCAR is the pinnacel of carbureted engine technology. An argument can be made for NHRA/IHRA Pro Stock, but that is another forum. 750 horsepower on a 30 degree banked oval is not boring. Try it for $200 at a Richard Petty school. Or, maybe you are to ignorant to broaden your minds about NASCAR. I am not a fan, but I do admire thier technology and effort put into "stock" cars.

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