You really need a 911?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Dec 20, 2008.

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  2. you need a 911 because people will laugh at your baby porsche.
  3. *better looking
  4. ya, gimmie a 2.7 carrera and stfu
  5. thanx for the article.
  6. Only idiots would laugh about it.
  7. Most people are blinded by status and numbers.
  9. And those are the people that literaly don't know shit about cars.

  10. i don't like porsches, i must don't know shit about cars.
  11. You did not understand my post. Read more carefuly. And read the quote before it. Don't just post because you have something against me, for no reason...
  12. i did, but don't care, i just like to make fun of you
  13. You made yourself look like a retard in the process.

  14. He probably likes making himself look like an idiot, who knows.
  16. some people need penis extensions, many, many other not
  17. if youre the sort of person that gives a shit about that then you do need a 911. its like a modern 993 - well in my head.
  18. 911 drivers wave at me in my 944, Cayman drivers don't even glance
  19. Everytime I see a cayman on the streets, I notice it more then a 911.
  20. Caymans are dime and dozen around here, 911s are a sight to see

    when I had my 944 turbo 911 drivers knew what it was, cayman owners probably thought it was an early 90s japanese car
  21. I never knew the arrogance of Cayman owners could actually transfer in the car itself, thus making the car shit!

    Weird, I always thought it was a good car none the less...
  22. It is because the 911 drivers are hitting on you.
  23. Hitting on babanatucker would just be another reason to have a 911.
  24. I likes it
  25. I want a Cayman w/ a 997TT engine.

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