#$%# you

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 944turb0, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. I'm not saying it's true. I'm just saying that's what he'd argue.

    I know exactly how much gay you have in you bb;)
  2. Ugh @ RATM fans being like hes so smart he went to harvard you know
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  3. Also what's up with Diggs and his homobsession
  4. He's just catching up with the rest of this site...

    Also [email protected] gay reservoir.
  5. Cause I'm in the closet still and am 9n my way out..

    But for reals I just have a good sense of humour and am comfortable with my sexual it enough that homosexual humour and comments don't bother me.
  6. FFS I'm def not straight but this site is so gay that I'm often blinded by the sheer amount of sc.net gay.
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  7. My sense of humour > your sense of humour
    But only because I slept with him
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  8. SCnet is like (voluntary) prison

    we all knew what we signed up for
    if you're an SCNM, you're gay
    some have made it out, but if you still post/lurk - you're probably gay
    even Hemi's gay (gaybot)
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  9. anyone want to make a new collage?
  10. I started one earlier in the year but there aren't enough people to make it as fun as it used to be ;_;

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