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    Hey everyone. I just got into the photoshop world and I want to see what is considered the best!

    This is my first full car photoshop.

  2. Damn forums!

    here it is
  3. And this was the stock:

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    try working with higher quality pics and better lightning, a pic like that is hard to shop nicely

    (check for nice pics)
  5. Thats an awesome site!

  6. I did these ones pretty quickly...are they any better?

  7. Oooh i like what you did with the wheels!
  8. Too much mesh, too much lens flare, learn the polygonal lasso tool, not bad.
  9. You suck.
  10. I have to agree. Just kidding that mean, but try to make the edges neat next time<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>...Here is my 2nd shop ever haven't done one since. Messed up on the mirror a bit and the rims.
  11. THis is my first one ever and is actually done with paint. So i know it sucks buts its my first and paint sucks. So is it ok for a first one?
  12. 1 - it sucks
    2 - dont use paint.
  13. I dont have shop yet so thats the best i can do now and it does look really bad. But its still fun to try = )
  14. lol!

    download photoshop CS from somewhere.
  15. Why all the trouble for this nonsense?
  16. What is the filter that the good photoshoppers use?

    And how do yu get the accurate carbon fiber look?
  17. Oh and for yu breckborder....get bittorrent
  18. Oh and for yu breckborder....get bittorrent and go to
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    you dont use filters. filters are for noobs.

    go to theres some really good tutorials there. they have a good carbon fiber one too.
  20. I don't really know if these are my "best"... just a few of mine.
  21. 1- Before
    2- After

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