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Discussion in 'Artwork - Photoshops and Sketches' started by 2009059, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. Hey....these ones arent completely finished but tell me wat i should do to them to make em better....

  2. urm....interesting!

    not exactly to my taste...let's say
  3. how about...


    i didn't say they were crap...just that personally i don't like them...meh, whatever floats your boat
  4. I'm saying they're crap. Stop trying to do advanced things like carbon fibre....your new at this do simple stuff that looks good.
  5. lol...and he took the piss out of mine!! (which aren't that bad, actually!)
  6. 2009056 Those suck.
  7. LOL>..cos yours are so much better?

    p.s. what has been done to that mini? colour change?
  8. Dumbass take a look, removed mirrors, removed windshield wipers, removed door handles....
  9. meh, didn't think it was worth opening the thumbnail bad

    lol...who did that blue cayenne??? haha, those wheels are insane
  10. Ya...this time I actually like wat veyronman is saying. Even i am better.

    (ps. this is actually 2009059 talkin, just dif account.)
  11. hey...I wouldn't be talkin! Yu suck just as much as me if not more...besides carbon fiber is actually simple...its just my first time opening the door.
  12. no.
  13. why make 2 accounts??

    you're a freak
  14. ... the mini sucks, i can do that with paint.. i can see the lines so obviously the right side doesnt look dropped at all?
  15. lol....try doing that in paint then...i wanna see this.

    how about you post something good, eh?
  16. My suggestion, don't open doors. Don't do CF. Etc, etc. Just work on the basics. Do a few color changes that look realisitic. Shave everything. Chop a top. Etc.

    You really shouldn't be attempting things such as opening doors when you have far from mastered the basics. No offense, just trying to help.
  17. Honestly, I wouldn't insult anyone... you have alot of room for improvement. I'm not saying, "you suck" or "your work is shit"... but I really don't think you should be telling others (who have just started using Photoshop) that they suck.
  18. ya i agree....but that bisnach insults me when hes even worse...
  19. it really isn't any worse than least he doesn't jump in at the deep end straight away, not really knowing how to make it look good.
  20. actually, now that i have opened the thumbnails to have a look...


    the door on the RSQ is opens the wrong way (the RSQ has reverse-opening butterflys) and that F50....DAMN...

    hint: give up on trying to use the Carbon effect...really
  21. ya...the RSQ does look a bit mental...but ever heard of modding...i changed the way they opened.

    And what is so bad about the carbon?
  22. bout yu submit something with carbon and opened doors...not trying to be an ass..but lets see if yur actually as good as yu pretend to be...
  23. i'm not stupid...that's why i'm not going to post anything.

    opened doors and carbon are a bit out of my depths at the're trying stuff way above your ability level, so it ends up looking awful. how about sticking to the simple things first, and get those down well before you try anything difficult.

    the reason why i don't use the "carbon" effect is because i tried it using a digimods tutorial and i thought it looked stupid...

    p.s. lol @ you saying you "modded" the RSQ doors...face it, you didn't know how they opened in the first place.
  24. umm...actually i did...where the #$%# do yu think i got the pic

    the one with the other doors was rite under it

    just fu*k off already

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