Your current dream car as of Now

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by SuperSonic, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. rs6 wagon
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  2. was zonda cinque now F50
  3. 12' Cayman R. I've been itching for a Porsche to hold onto. I hope with the new GT4 coming out, it knocks the price down to the 40-50k area for a pristine one.
  4. I'm waiting for this as well. already have one lined up just need to wait for the owner to get tired of it
  5. Even though it's just a thought of owning one, anything I should lookout for on the this year Cayman if I were to look? I hear they are reliable, but is the cost of repair/maintenance prohibitively expensive (oil changes, ect)? I'm sure it's all out on the internet, but I figured I'd ask you if your also looking.

  6. nothing majorly wrong with the caymans with the exception of the oil/water cooler occasionally breaking. but its a simple fix. we don't get them in a whole lot except for the normal stuff (oil, brakes, tires, etc...)
  7. The Shelby CV525, because people hardly ever talk about it.
  8. Mclaren F1,Mclaren F1 LM,Agera one,P1,918
  9. Saleen S7 TT Competition has always been on my list.
  10. Lingenfleter Vette smokes all! v8 RWD da best! Your a dummy if you disagree!

    But for real, it's hard to say. I still think the Zonda and Gumpert Apollo are hot in their crazy street race car way. I've always loved Aston Martins for their beauty.
    As far as attainable, I was super pissed that GM decided to NOT make the Buick Avista. That would have been the car I was gunning for down the road. I guess they figured it would eat into ATS sales.

    So, I'll probably wind up getting an ATS-V some day after my woman gets out of med school.
  11. Somewhat realistic:

    E90 M3
    987 Boxster S

    Not-at-all realistic:

    AM-RB 001
  12. For a no budget constrains dream car it's a toss up between Zonda F CS and Carrera GT
    For a realistic dream car it's an Alfa Romeo GTV 2.5

  13. jizz
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  14. Venturi 400 Trophy

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