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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wex, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. shut up liar. Panda and the other tards do. shut up forever!
  2. Back on subject, are you third grade or something? Stop bickering with everyone.
  3. you're not helping the problem, you're contributing to it.
  4. i'm giving back what i get. they must be kindergarden.
  5. yes, tell that to panda, don' be bias, don' even talk at me about helping anything, just shut up.
  6. Who starts attacking her when she posts? You know the answer.Right?
    When you dislike or hate someone why don't you #$%#ing ignore him /her for god's sake? Is that #$%#ing difficult to do? No it isn't.
    Then do it.
  7. You are a #$%#ing retard as well.
  8. Good advice. Now see if you can follow it...
  9. You shut the #$%# up and stop being an an @ss
  10. I follow it buit expressing our views on John Kerry isn't forbidden.
    Maybe the fact that some people have a strong hate for Kerry is disturbing for you?
  11. You are a male FireRed.
  12. wex, no need to continue being nasty. best to let it go.
  13. Gaylord?
  14. Here's you first post in this thread: "aww..wuz the matter.. were you not sodomized enough this past weekend?"
  15. #$%# handicapped people.
  16. yes after VW attacked porsche..why do you not speak of that. but you focus on me? guys have done worse cut the crap..piss off .lamers, bias freaks..piss off forever! I treat others as they treat me. so shut're nice, i treat you nice, end of story, repard. cheers
  17. I'm nearly finished year 12, only got a few more weeks. Then i'll reckon i'll go to tafe and do some business course, 'cos i can go on to uni after that if i really want to. I dunno though, seems like it's all a bit of a wank to me.
  18. HSC eh?
    or VCE?

    I'm doing a double degree in law and finance at unsw...i'll be taking night TAFE courses as well next year <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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