Your favorite, or just cool/interesting, cars of specific years

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  1. Saw this and dumped it on my instagram last week, I think you'll like, was minnnnt
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  2. I know that guy and he's on my list.
  3. Got an SS100 Jaguar on the list, but it's a 1938 and have some other good '38 cars, so it's going to be hard to choose. Love the SS100, but have some amazing Jaguars already on the list and I'm looking for some variety. And you can update that percentage to 100%, haha.
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  4. The E30 M3 should certainly be on the list. Thanks for mentioning it. I'd love to include the Zonda, but they're super rare in the States as they're not road legal.
  5. Anyone know anything about this car?

    1944 Bugatti Type 73C

    Pretty much the only thing I'm coming up with for 1944, but it's a pretty interesting one, at least. Looks like it was in Texas at one point and seems like it may still be in the US. I guess the fenders are a recent addition, unfortunately. I like the way they look, but don't like that they aren't original.

  6. Nice!!!!!!
  7. For 1943 you can add the Volvo PV444
    For 1944 you can add the Willys-Overland CJ-1, but it's unknown if there's even 1 left today.
    For 1945 you can add the Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster
  8. 1963: First of the Gen 2 Corvettes, only year with the split rear window
  9. Good call. I have an interesting car for 1963, but the photos aren't great. I would also love to include a '53 or '54 Corvette, my personal favorite, but those are tough years, too. Up against a Ecurie Ecosse C-Type and Siata 208S...

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