your favorite skyscraper?

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  1. i'm making a diorama and need sugestions of buildings to put in it.

    currently it has

    empire state
    twin towers
    john hancock
    freedom tower
    sears tower

    what is your fav skyscraper? mines the burj khalifa.

  2. Is this real life?
  4. real life buildings yes I want you to choose your favorite

  5. Also the khalifa is real if that's what u meant
  6. i like skycrapers
  7. Prolly the AON center
  8. really okay. cool
  9. make scale models of the following, please

    Taipei 101
    Petronas Towers
    Seagram Building
    Chrysler Buildling
  10. Here's the model so far. I think I only need a couple buildings.
    I'm considering what to make next. Thanks for the suggestions.
  11. wtf? A diorama? Have you suffered a head injury that has given you the mind of a 12 year old?

    Also Chrysler building.
  12. The Ryugyong Hotel
    Shanghai World Financial Center
  13. Good Choice
  14. You make a list of 7 and don't include the Chrysler building? Awful.

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