Your favorite song by Nirvana

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SpunBearings, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Mine's Come As You Are, followed by Pennyroyal Tea.

    What's yours?
  2. in before people say Teen Spirit
  3. Probably "Rape Me"... "Drain You" is sick as hell too...
  4. the more i listen to nirvana, the more i grow to dislike them. are coherent lyrics that hard to master?
  5. i never heard tihs band. is it like fallout boy?
  6. LOL n00b. they started "grunge"
  7. irony
  8. About a girl, come as you are, In Bloom, Polly & their cover of Bowie's "Man who sold the world". Basically all the Nirvana I can play on my guitars, haha.
  9. im saorry i dont know your stpud little emo song called grunge, #%$

    lol youre an idiot
  10. youre a druggy/retard

    even so, you could have just gone to wikipedia
  11. Actaully, you've proven yourself to be dumb as hell over and over.
  12. just in politics. and you've been here longer, thus have a higher percentage of being wrong way more than me.
  13. In this thread/every thread.
  14. no, stop personal attacking me.
  15. It's not a personal attack, its a fact.
  16. no, its a personal attack.
  17. No. Take your stupid narvona emo band and stfu, you tasteless chicken.
  18. you just called him a druggy and a retard

    and he knew what nirvana was, you're a total idiot
  19. kk bb
  21. not according to his post. and it was a rebutal.

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