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Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Dcepticon, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. You sir are a man after my own heart! I totally agree with you. Oh, and your not the only one under 30. I'm almost 17.
  2. If I was thinking that extreme, there is no way I would choose any of the cars you listed either.

    You gave no restrictions other than the car has to be Japanese. I assumed I had an unlimited budget.

    Edit - maybe not unlimited, I like to think I kept it reasonable.
  3. 80% of SC is younger than you.
  4. Well #$%#in' a! Its about damn time someone steps up and demands there be some MASCULINE cars again! Even look at the Ford GT, you can have a conversation in that cabin!!! WTF! I don't want to have a conversation in a car that looks like a missile, or has 500 lbs of torque! It just pisses me off, they make these great chassis and engines then put em with shit gearboxes, #$%# up the wheelbase so you can have kids in the back(!!!!!) a damn Bose stereo, heavy ass narrow 18 inch ALLOY(!!!!!!!) rims not to mention they shit on the engines sound and #$%# up the powerband so you can have your LOW END TQ for the damn parking lot maneuvers!!!!!! ARGH!!!

    Sorry, its 6:20 am. I've also been watching lots of supercar vids...

    Everytime I watch the SLR go around a corner I gag, and everytime they mention all the damn CF and Aluminum they use in the Enzo and CGT AND STILL NOT CLOSE TO 2600 lbs!!! JUST #$%#ING ENFURIATES ME!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH
  5. I live in reality <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> thats why I made it like that. Something you could probably go and get a loan enough for RIGHT NOW and grab a chassis for >$1000 plus invest maybe $5000 and have more fun than any God forsaken new fangled peice of socalled sporting vehicle.

    edit: I really just wish someone would come out with a new-look and new-tech cheap performance car that doesn't look all #%$gy tall and narrow, has a proven engine and gearbox combo with parts a plenty and a base model you can get with performance options but no electric leather seats, uber sound deadening, stereo, a/c, power windows, power locks, remote keyless ass wipage... dammit man.
  6. I'd rather get a kit car, and (try to) build (but most likely destroy) it myself. Then I could fix it when I #$%# it up, easier. Maybe. Probably not. I don't know of any Japanese cars that would suit this though.
  7. All of the cars listed roughly suit the role of weekend cheap banzai kamikaze fun scream machine.
  8. Other: Mazda Miata. Why wasn't this on the list?
  9. I'm sure the S15 is decent at grip racing as well not just drift, kind of like an RX-7.
  10. i was thinkin that... ive seen some pretty nicely done no compromise track miatas. pretty surprised that the evos n stis are getting the least amount of votes.. i pickd the gc8
  11. Whithout reading this thread I'd say:

    Toyota MR2 GTS 2nd gen
  12. You'd be correct.
  13. You have all obviously never driven an '89 Civic Si...:p
  14. Correction: You have all never driven ANYTHING, and I bet 90% of the people who voted for MR2 never have driven a MR car in their lifetime.
  15. You are wrong. There is no comparison, the RX-7 is much lighter and has a better weight distrobution. The only place S15 is really seen grip racing is JGTC but at that point its irrelevant because nothing on the car is really stock.
  16. Probably, but that's beside the point, the car obviously has lots of potential. I would have gone with my MR-S but I can't argue with the MK II's 3S-GTE engine.
  17. drag strip i would pick the datsun
    on a course i would pick the skyline
  18. The fact is 95% of people who think they can drive a MR2 decently would be overtaken by a novice in a 86 corolla gt-s even on a open track, they would just spin on braking.
  19. The ironic(?) part being that a datsun chassis would be better on a course for cheaper than the GT-R, and the GT-R would own the datsun even after some good work on the datsun, on the drag strip.
  20. Once again, you seem to think how fast you can go in the car = how fun it is.
  21. Go drive a MR2 and you tell me how much fun it is chewing grass.
  22. Obviously, no one knows how to drive an MR car, and could never possibly learn.
  23. id like a V8 FC rx7

    or a Coupen or cappacino
  24. Hahha you rock

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