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  1. Does it not cause high levels of cholesterol?
  2. Dietary cholesterol isn't what it was made out to be.
    As long as you don't eat a pound of sugar everyday you'll be fine.
    Dietary cholesterol helps with brain function and development, and you bodies production of hormones.
    Eat as many eggs as you want. Just get good farm fresh ones if you can to avoid steroids and antibiotics passed from the hen.
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  3. I'm probably going to make those omelettes on a regular basis. They're the bomb.
  4. We had sushi and latkes last night. Quite the combo.
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. is the sushi like japanese sushi?
    was a japanese person making it?
    whats the seafood like there
  7. It's regular sushi like you'd find anywhere else. It's rarely made by actual Japanese chefs though.
  8. ((Sushi))
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  9. very last oatmeal with coconut and bananas and cashews

    dinner last night was pork chop bone in, with cilantro jalapeno mustard and a side of scalloped potatoes and prosciutto wrapped asparagus
  10. here the sushi is always made by japanese people, never considered non japanese people making it.
    i guess theres a high enough japanese population to support all sushi restaurants in california
  11. Over here all the sushi places are run by asians. Realistically, they probably are all chinese, but deep inside I secretly convince myself that they are japanese and come from a long lineage of sushi masters. It's called delusion people, and it fucking works
  12. What about Pearl Harbor? Why do you desecrate the memory of all the American veterans?
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  13. pearl harbor was an inside job by the clintons
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  14. Real Americans call sushi rolls, freedom rolls. Not letting them use their ching chong names!
  15. Most Asians here are usually Thai. Some of them were taught how to sushi in attempt to appear more authentic. But the truth is actual Japanese have mostly not heard about Israel and don't come here.
  16. Been eating rendang for the last couple of days. Oh my god, i swear to god it's the best food out there.
  17. After many years of absence, there's a proper fried chicken joint in town. Ordered as much as they would send (could feed three people. We were two). The delivery guy was really confused and somehow took off without taking money.

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  18. Bottle of brewhouse raspberry ale and a fatayer.
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    Tons of Sushi from a running buffet.

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