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  1. i thought he was unashamedly muslim
  2. Further fuels my suspicion:

    "As Trump knows, money talks — and Trump has given more than $100,000 to the Democratic House and Senate campaign committees."

    "from August 2001 to September 2009, Trump was a registered Democrat."

    "The Post reported in 2011 that “The biggest recipient of all has been the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee of New York, which has taken in more than $125,000 from Trump and his companies. Overall, Trump has given nearly $600,000 to New York state campaigns, with more than two-thirds going to Democrats."

  3. I was in wikipedia tonight, looking for completely unrelated stuff when I saw this:

    Examples of Sippenhaft being used as a threat exist within the Wehrmacht from around 1943. Soldiers accused of having 'blood impurities' or soldiers conscripted from areas outside of Germany also began to have their families threatened and punished with Sippenhaft. An example is the case of Panzergrenadier Leiss, who was accused of desertion on the Eastern Front in December 1942. After the Düsseldorf Gestapo discovered supposed 'Polish' links in the Leiss family, in February 1943 his wife, child, two brothers, sister and brother-in-law were arrested and executed at Sachsenhausen concentration camp. By 1944, several general and individual directives were ordered within divisions and corps, threatening troops with consequences against their family. After 20 July 1944 these threats were extended to include all German troops and in particular, German commanders. A decree of February 1945 threatened death to the relatives of military commanders who showed what Hitler regarded as cowardice or defeatism in the face of the enemy. After surrendering Königsberg to the Soviets in April 1945, the family of the German commander General Otto Lasch were arrested. These arrests were publicized in the Völkischer Beobachter

    During Joseph Stalin's 1930s Great Purge, many thousands of people were arrested and executed or sent to labour camps as "relatives of the enemies of the people", using the Repression of Family Members of Traitors of the Motherland clause as a basis. One well-known example was Anna Larina, the wife of Nikolai Bukharin, who was imprisoned after her husband was accused of treason. Red Army soldiers, particularly before brutal battles such as the one at Stalingrad, were told that relatives of soldiers who surrendered would be killed. The NKVD Order No. 00689, signed in 1938, rolled back some of the more extreme measures, as such that only spouses who were informed of their partner's political activities were arrested.

    Similar practices took place in the People's Republic of China during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. A prominent example is Deng Pufang, who was arrested and tortured by the Red Guards when his father, Deng Xiaoping, was purged by Mao Zedong.

    In North Korea, political prisoners are sent to the Kwan-li-so concentration camps along with their relatives without any fair trial.[9] North Korean citizens convicted of more serious political crimes are sentenced to life imprisonment, and the summary two generations of their family (children and grandchildren) will be born in the camps as part of the "3 generations of punishment" policy instigated by state founder Kim Il-Sung in 1948.[10]

    Organized crime groups such as Mafia, gangster, and outlaw-motorcycle-clubs often retaliate against people by committing crimes against their (innocent) family members, or effect intimidation by threatening to do so. In some cases, they may unlawfully attempt to collect a deceased person's debts from the surviving family members, as part of more general unlawful debt collection practices including violence/extortion/racketeering/loansharking. (In many countries including the U.S., it is never lawful to collect a debt from a subject's family members except in co-signing situations as the family members are non-liable third parties.)

    In the United States, Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump has proposed killing the family members of people suspected of involvement in terrorist activities. [11] [12]

  4. Nazi Germany, Stalin-era USSR, 60's PRC and North Korea.

    Yeah, let's look into those prime examples of governance to see how a state should be run.

    Well done, Trump!
  5. I've thought this for ages
  6. I won't question that Trump is a joke, and Kardashian of politics isn't an inaccurate way to describe him, but I would question the ability of any governmental related body of folks to be able to pull off something that complex.
  7. Not really a conspiracy theory, but ever since I graduated high school, I quickly began to realize that nearly all adults are way dumber than kids are led to believe. Like a solid 90% of the people you know are way dumber than your parents friends seemed when you were a kid.

    From what I can tell, there isn't really a correlation even when it comes to how successful you are, the rich people I know aren't measurably smarter than the poor people I know. They're just a little better at convincing those around them that they're smarter than they are, which isn't very hard to do since they're stupid too.
  8. All these celebrities are dieing at the age of 69 because they love doing 69.
  9. Oh, and Bernie Sanders is basically Obama 2.0.

    He will beat Hillary to get the Democratic nomination, get voted in as President on the back of all these amazing promises of "change" and a brighter future for less fortunate, and then turn out to be just as disappointing as his predecessor.
  10. the new admin is actually an elaborate ruse by the old shitty admins
  11. shitty old admins couldn't be bothered implementing a proper search featu, but they are more than happy to troll our hopes and dreams
  12. admins after my own heart
  13. I agree with this
    the more successful or rich people I meet the more I think that success is mostly a product of confidence/social ability and opportunity/education (parents could afford to put you through college, networking)

    At least in the US
    you dont have to be smarter than average to get a degree, but you do have to put in the time and pay for it

    And most of the people my age who have pretty great jobs, like the jobs all college graduates expect to get, got them because they or their parents knew somebody

    people who came up poor and are now successful may or may not be smart, but they typically have insane work ethics

    just anecdotal, but i think it goes to show how we shouldnt look up to/down on people just because of their socioeconomic status
  14. Bernie Sanders, if elected, would make everyone love Obama as though he was Morgan Freeman.

    People think Donald Trump is a clown, and he is, but Sanders is a legitimate moron. Worse than the Tom Mulcair and the NDP in Canada.
  15. Yeppppp.

    Can't wait to see all his 'free' stuff that the government will have to raise an extra $19.6 trillion over the next 10 years to pay for.
  16. I agree 100% about Trump, but the same thing is true about Bernie Sanders

    He's a crazy old kook that appeals to the Ron Paul crowd and designed to take the spotlight away from Hillary's sketchy past
  17. Oh, I love the argument I hear sometimes "I raised you, I know better." Yes, because raising a kid is going to make you a nuclear physicist. -_- It's crazy/sad how many dumb people there really are though. We hire a lot of people in our warehouse through a temp agency. So many of them seem incapable of even having the mental capacity to breathe.
  18. "I've got 4 kids, what the hell do you know about raising a family!"

    I know those 4 kids have 3 dads starting in 8th grade, you don't know how condoms or birth control work, and you've been on welfare and food stamps since because neither you nor the 3 dads nor your new guy bothered to graduate high school or go to college/tech school yadda yadda yadda
  19. and your kids suck
  20. Oi negre it's not just сша

    I also many agree with what you of sayings
  21. I missed this. I don't think it's that hard or complex. He's like Stephen Colbert, but actually running. Trump is basically trolling the dumb Republicans.

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