Your latest purchase part 2

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Because the other one is broken
  2. YOU broke it, like usual.
  3. I didn't purchase anything today.

    oh yeah some meat for the BBQ
  4. A cheeseburger cause im american
  5. just got my car windows tinted
    much better
  6. I bought the game youkai watch for my 3ds.
  7. ryu in ssb4
  8. a new windshield for the Forester; 440$CAD.

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  9. do you not have a windscreen excess on your car insurance? I have a £50 excess for a replacement 'screen and it doesn't alter my no-claims-bonus.
  10. I bought a cooling pad for my new laptop. The thing gets so hot parts of it might actually give you a burn.
  11. Fuel

    65 euro's <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  12. my deductible is 500$CAD...

    I've been very unlucky these 2 years since I had to replace 2; none for 10 years prior..

  13. Yah I have a £300 deductable for other shit like accident damage etc but specifically for the windscreen it's much more reasonable. Is that sort of cover not offered over there or is it something you didn't opt for? It's usually just part of having comprehensive cover over here.
  14. Over here diesel is cheaper than unleaded for the first time in like, 14/15 years.


    If only the prices were the same as in 2000...
  15. diesel has been cheaper here as long as i can remember. by a big margin as well.
  16. Got a Harman Kardon Aura wireless speaker just to try out something 'higher end' than the normal Bose SoundLink II's and the like. Seems like sound is impressive from a bluetooth/AirPlay/DLNA speaker, though connectivity can be wonky sometimes. We'll see, it's on the UPS truck today.
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    I've got the HK Onyx bluetooth speaker (this guy: ) for $99 last summer. Sprint bundled it with their HK edition of the HTC One M8 phone. I use it at least 4-6 hours a week, indoors and out, absolutely love it. Can get extremely loud if you want it to, yet good quality sound at lower volumes.

    I don't know why I'm telling you all this since you already bought a different one. Hoping HK is quality across the board I guess.

    And because I was so happy with the big bluetooth speaker, I bought these last week ( ) only used them twice while mowing the yard. Took a while to figure out the right cushion combos for each ear, but been quite happy with them so far.
  18. I raised it from 250$ to 500$ to save X amount per month.

    Considering the last 10 years, it was an easy no-go.

    Now with the badluck twice, its easy to say I should have kept it at 250..
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    Nice! I have it now streaming just some bluetooth atm and it's pretty impressive. Definitely a step up from my Big Jambox.

    I've never found in-ears that I've liked, though its because I think I have jacked canals or something. Dunno
  20. i bought a 980 GTX Ti
  21. do you even game
  22. how many sick graphics can you see now?
  23. well i can actually run arkham knight hehe
  24. should have just got a PS4 then you dont need to upgrade it to play games they just work

    maybe apple should make a console i bet everyone would buy it
  25. nah apple people are too busy writing their screenplays in starbucks to bother with childish games

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