Your latest purchase part 2

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  1. Me too. It's alright.
  2. :/

    I'll probably be using it like 3 times a day on set for the next 6 months. Sounds like that sort of use could #$%# it over.
  3. More parts, because the parts I ordered didn't fit, or didn't work. Ugh. #$%# that truck.
  4. I bought a flip-phone for work
  5. Plane ticket amsterdam-tapei-amsterdam
  6. Ya, insane.
  7. A distribution post for my 20lb propane tank, a 15ft hose for said propane tank, and an enamel tableware set. Camping season is coming!!
  8. Tiramisu is life
  9. A headlight. $17 for the lens, housing/reflector, and the actual bulb bit. Easily half as expensive as I thought it would be.

    I have a feeling lights for my Civic will not be so reasonable. My driver's side unit is getting a bit misty-eyed.
  10. if you have normal toothpaste that'll polish that right out
  11. why does that work so well on some headlights and not others? i went to town on the headlights in my jeep with toothpaste, high speed, and various high grit paper and nothing had the impact i was looking. after all that, i wish i had just spent the $100 from the start to get new lenses.
  12. i went from yellow to white, but they were still frosted.
  13. Maybe.

    It was only 8 pairs of shoes, to be fair.
  14. here i was imagining 20+ pairs

    post the pairs you kept
  15. Does this work for you foreign?;mode=br;page=2

    Local twice a year shopping frenzy. I myself have very little I would need right now, maybe some clothes.
  16. did you just do the outside or did you do the inside as well?
  17. Disneyworld

    #$%# the exchange rate
  18. so much money in customs clearance fees <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  19. The outside. It's sealed. I'd have to cut the headlight assemblies apart and glue them back together. Not even worth my time.
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  21. Condensation ain't gonna polish out. Side note: do you have any idea how the horn in a 1983 Ford works? The horn itself works if you wire it to the battery, but the damn thing won't beep if you hit the horn buttons. I've been through three horn bars at this point...
  22. Does your multimeter show power at the horn when you honk?
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  24. Thanks. I prefer the look of thinner soles, too, but I hate wearing shoes without much cushion and support.
  25. thats why you either get a small bit of rag or one of the small circular polishing things on a drill and go through the holes for the light bulbs. won't be perfect but you'll at least get some stuff off

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