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  1. 13 inch macbook pro

  2. 1 1/4 18 gauge nails for the gun
  3. Booked a hotelroom in Taichung
  4. 100mm macro lens
  5. Which one?
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    i shoot pentax - its their full frame weather-resistant 2.8

    The shots of seen from it seem to indicate it can do razor-thin depth of field or if you close the aperture a bit its still really good as a portrait lens. pentax doesn't actually make a full frame body yet though, so on my apsc body this thing is gonna be more like 150mm. I'm going to put it up against the 50mm macro and see which I want to hang onto.
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    It looks like a nice lens. I don't know much about Pentax's range, but the samples look nice. I'd like something similar for my 40D.

    I borrowed a lens with a 2.8 aperture from a friend for a wedding I did recently, and really found the bigger aperture useful. The 40D doesn't do high ISO very well, so having 2.8 meant I could stay out of the fake ISO boost as it got darker.

    I've been toying with the idea of buying a Pentax, but an old brick film one.

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  8. my body isn't a particularly awesome one, but i got it for a good deal as ricoh/pentax just announced their first ever digital full frame body earlier this year. prices everything started hitting crazy lows, and I think i could purchase my same k50 body for like $250 now, and it lines up against d5200 and t6i I think.

    the thing i like about this is that it's the same mount that they've always used since the 50s. more than half a decade of all kinds of lenses will just mount right up to my body without issues. full manual for most of it, sure, but so much fast glass out there from film era to play around with. plus all their bodies have in body stabilization and have two control dials apart from the main mode wheel.
  9. is it difficult to find film these days? especially medium and large stuff?
  10. The legacy lenses argument is what's making me want to keep using my Nikon, too.
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    There are enough places still selling 120 that it's not too difficult. The Internet is always a good resource.

    Developing isn't too hard as the shop I use offers a processing service, although they do send it away, but a few places have shut down in the last few years. There is one guy who does develop 120 locally but who knows how long he'll be around for.

    Ilford do a postal service, too.
  12. the 105 2.4 is such an incredible lens
    hauling it around asia for 3 months was a chore at times, but looking back i have no regrets
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    yeah, it's so easy to buy film online (and sadly, cheaper than local stores most of the time)
    reminds me my latest purchase was 10 rolls of 35mm tri x

    also, how many years have i been pestering you for now to develop your own black and white?
  14. Many, many years.

    I haven't actually shot much film for years.
  15. Not worth the hype. 7/10 max
  16. Tickets to Illinois in December, it's been 2 years since I've been out there, overdue for a trip.
  17. Bought a refurbished SL1 with two lenses directly from Canon. Going to sell both lenses, as I have no use for them, making the camera only cost me about $130. Going in my bag as a backup and as a camera for video. Having my 6D die on a shoot scared me*.

    Also rebought Canon's 10-18mm after selling my first copy. Got rid of it after getting rid of my 60D (since it won't work on my 6D), but I love it so I got it again now that I have the SL1. Managed to only lose about $5 in the whole ordeal.

    * Shutter recently died on my 6D during a shoot. Get it back tomorrow from Canon after being repaired under warranty. Shutter had ~52,000 cycles on it... in five months, haha. Hope they did a good job repairing/replacing it, because I'm probably about to put another ~15,000 cycles on it by the end of the month...
  18. give me your paypal / address so i can not-so-secret santa you a developing tank
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    That reminds me that for years I've had everything to develop black and white outside of the chemicals... and I've never developed a single roll. :/ Last roll of film I shot (which was black and white) I set aside to have developed and sort of lost it. Sucks, because I'd really like to see the shots. That was like 9 or 10 months ago.

    Some of the photos were taken during this shoot:

    It's a bummer.
  20. HP Elitebook 2560p from my brother for 0 SEK <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    His work was scrapping it so he got to take it. Intel i5, 6GB RAM. Quite a bang for the buck.
  21. Thrifted this shirt for $14. Reminds me of the 3sixteen fatigue over shirt I want but it's not $220 so I'm all right with it

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  22. I'm kind of ok with not even knowing how to find a $220 shirt.

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