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  2. More trucks parts and some fresh gas. Slowly inching closer to something that might be road legal.
  3. *petrol
  4. i think we need more info to work out whether you're insane or a genius
  5. The headers I ordered are made to fit 4X4 Colorados with the V8. Toying with the idea of getting a C6 Corsa Sport Exhaust thrown on it.
  6. they always say that but the drivers side header is always a royal **** to put in
  7. If you're going to go with extraneous syllables, you might as well just go for all of them and say "petroleum".
  8. 2h offroad drive in RZR 800cc
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  10., free return shipping. I ordered a bunch of stuff I might like, return what I don't want.

    Ended up keeping two pairs.
  11. iPhonse 6S 64GB
  12. What was your previous? iPhone 5?
  13. yes, its battery/wifi/screen/itself was broken, many times in water also

    I'm lookign at my iphones 6s and waiting for it to impress me or prove me its worht the 600$CAD upgrade

    nothing yet.
  14. morning coffee
    need to buy a handspresso
  15. Going on an adventure

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  16. did you choose a reynolds 953 or a 853 frame?
  17. it has a 631 front triangle and 525 seat stays
  18. Bought my parents one of those a few years ago. Being coffee loving caravanners they don't have enough space for superfluous equipment when they travel. They think it's the best thing ever.
  19. great ride. I am going to have my merida completely reequiped with xt stuff and I also have an italian made Scapin MTB super lightweight steel frame made of Dedacciai Dr Zero 18 MCDV 6HT that will also get xt stuff and will also have custom made wheels fitted with dt hubs and ultra light spokes. I will post them when both will be done
  20. "I can go over to my friend's house, we can tinker on it, and if it works, we pat ourselves on the back and then have an adult beverage and watch TV"

    does a lot of gay porn start like that
    i bet it does
  21. I'd heard some reports of them not lasting that long, but it's good to hear they can last at least a few years.
  22. My mum has had to replace a seal on it and I think it get used on holidays maybe a couple of times a year so it's not like it's had heavy use, but as far as I know it's still working and they still like it.
  23. I have a senseo
  24. Going to buy a tiramisu for my mother's 60th bday.

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