Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

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  1. at the end of the day I never have unread emails in my inbox. Most of the time, I start with an empty inbox. I have ~28 rules that sort emails into folders also.
  2. I have ~1,400 unread work alerts emails but the other 71 folders are kept read by way of mark all as read and go make another coffee.
  3. This watch that I got on sale

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  4. Because I have disposable income and always wanted one back when I was in the boy scouts but we were broke so I couldn't, I finally got myself a totally unnecessary but istillthinkthey'reneatanyway Camelbak hydration pack

    I may only use it three times, but I'm happy with the puchase (and I got it for $70 on amazon anyways)
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  5. just drink your own liquid man
  6. I agree
    all natural is the way to go
  7. #stuffwhitepeoplebuy
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  8. i'm in Vegas for work , so I bought some Casino chips , I would take a pic but I lost them pretty quick .....oh well at least there is lots of nice restaurants here that are pretty affordable.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. our newborn is dairy intolerant (puke) so we bought a shitload of non-diary alternatives that taste like shit
  11. Weak genes!
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  12. This is so ridiculously common now. And iron intolerance.
    My step son had to go lactose free, And my newborn has to be low iron formula.
    Apparently the lactose intolerance can stem from either too much or too little dairy during pregnancy. Mother has to have just the right amount.
    It's all weird to me.
  13. It is weird indeed. We noticed it when the wife ate some kickass wagyu steak I cooked then she feeded the baby later that evening. We spent the whole night dodging explosives pukes reaching up to 3 feet in distance. Like in the movies and it was awful
  14. You don't seem like the type who's household is cleaned every day with antibacterial everything.
  15. I used to drink almost a gallon of milk every few days. Then like 10 years ago I stopped drinking it for a while. Now it gives me splatterpoop.
  16. where is vicious
    i cant believe you guys are just now realizing the evils of milk
    our whole lives we have been bombarded with the propaganda of Big Dairy
  17. I still drink a(t least a) carton of buttermilk every day #sogood
  18. Here it's between 5-7L a week
  19. since starting keto my breakfast is coffee with heavy cream
    Its good
  20. I am a recovering OCD Germaphobe. So my house is pretty clean. As clean as it can be with three kids under 6.
    But im not sure what you are getting at. You think my house is dirty and that why my kids have intolerances?
  21. yeah because you are not a helicopter parent your kids are suffering
  22. I think he means it the other way round, because their parents or they're not exposed enough to dirty dirty
  23. Ja this.
  24. I speak cynic hippo
  25. Moderate amounts of poo here and there is good for children.

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