Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. plus 4 cylinders arent going to make america great again
    sounds like some nip shit tbh
  2. Creating a similar trap as the Stones eh.. terrible for 10 consecutive years already, but marketing it as their last tour since then already.
  3. shitload of stuff @ Disney Store. thank you San Jose
  4. Torques wins races!
  5. Nick Cave tickets, flights and accommodation. All unrelated.
  6. New Shoei helmet and some plane tickets for next weekend
  7. Are you in san jose
    lets get a drink with 944turb0
  8. you can drink some thunderbird under the freeway
  9. I just arrived tonight

    I'll be back in January, I my 2016 E350 Uber Select ride yo
  10. Chromecast Ultra. Plex menu navigating is so much snappier. Never been so fast to stream Seinfeld.
  11. Infuse's better srry
  12. wine is dated, microbreweries is where the hip is at
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  14. Shitload of phillips hue
    More xmas presents
  15. oh remind me to send you my list
  16. I don't buy things for strangers, especially stranger things
  17. I really want a whole flat full of those Philips Hue bulbs

    A colleague of mine has them throughout his whole house, and it's synced with loads of shit like his fire alarm system. They light a path to the exit when the alarm goes off!
  18. Inhave that friend too, i started with the go for ambiences
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  19. I priced out nice led bulbs for my house.
    Nearly 1500$ to change all my bulbs to LED throughout my house.
  20. Bought some Nokian Hakka Blue summer tyres for my V50. "Black Friday deal". I got 50% off (allegedly). Cheaper than buying the samme tyres from those discount online tyre shops, which is cool.
  21. thats about what he paid
  22. Drinking right now. I have to say, one of the best wines i've had. DSC_5999.jpg
  23. are you trying to tell me something if so you aren't targeting the right ethnicity
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