Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

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  1. Do you have multiples of the Colorado/Canyon twins? You're the most Edmontonian man I think I've ever known.
  2. What?
  3. King mattress and bed. Best $1400 I've ever spent
  4. USA#1.

    Here a good quality mattress is like 2k+, and the bed base if you want something out of wood/solid, another 1.5k
  5. he probably uses this
  6. nah i just spin my limited edition pressings on my finger and hold it up to my canine tooth
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  7. haha
  8. my first quote was 7k. worst part is I have another roof to do on another house as well this year
  9. I negociated a little bit but I wanted that company, they are the best around and most renowed even though its still a god damn roof. It was in the middle of my 3 quotes, not the most but not the least pricey.
  10. I've got 2 other companies showing up tomorrow. probably going to do the same thing you've done. still bloody annoying though
  11. Bought some more vinyl

    The Doors - Morrison Hotel
    Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
    Jimi Hendrix - Are you experienced
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - The second helping
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  12. yeah and I just found out the last owner had hidden some hols in the chimney with aluminum patches; need to fix this also ffs
  13. the other house was built in the early 1910s. I'm not looking forward to find otu whats under there
  14. you tacking on mass bro?
  15. GTX 560 Ti (used)
    8GB RAM (used)
    Corsair CX600 PSU (realised I needed a new PSU after I bought the graphics card - needs two six pin connectors and the old PSU didn't even have one)
    Some cheap PNY 120GB SSD

    Unfortunately I can't find my windows disc, so I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow morning to borrow one so I can install the SSD. The others were super easy to install, however.

    I wouldn't normally look at stuff like graphics cards used, but it came with a 2 year guarantee (as did the RAM), so I figured for how cheap it was the risk was worth taking.

    I reckon I'll get a new mobo and CPU next month, then all I'll need is a nice monitor, and possibly a new case and I'll have a completely new PC.
  16. Sparing money for the assembly of my custom built MTB wheels and for the whole assembly of the third MTB. Will need a new Bike helmet. After that sparing money for a watch
  17. Used GPU's are such a safe bet. I've seen some being pushed really hard in really shitty environments for elongated periods of time, be passed on down the chain and still useable 3 years later. RAM is the same. Computer parts are pretty bloody reliable these days. Probably the only part I'd not consider used is PSU.
  18. Yeah I figured it shouldn't be an issue, as I won't be pushing it constantly. The long guarantee was reassuring, too.

    Speaking of PSUs, this is actually the third one this PC has had. The OEM one died and for some reason I got a computer shop to put one in for me. I have no idea why to be honest because it's so easy. Even if you don't know what the cables do you just match up the connectors and put them back in the same places. The worst thing really I guess is that I realise now that he only put a really cheap one in and I paid about the same as I did for this new one which is more powerful, way quieter, and actually has modern connectors for graphics cards (which I don't think the old one did)
  19. that has a lot of potential go to fubar indeed, hope the best for this case my friend
  20. [​IMG]
    Just traded right for left. Roomy like the Aurora was (donated it in Jan 2015)
  21. Nah I just really like burritos
  22. I know there are slats for the first layer of wood (can see them from the attic). pretty sure theres plywood ontop of that but I'm not too sure
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    if youre not gaining youre losing
    you losing bro?
  24. I ordered a split prism focusing screen for my camera this week. My manual focus game is for shit until pentax starts using a color other than white for focus peaking, but I still prefer the viewfinder anyway.
  25. Bought the white one to replace the red one. Going list the red one up for sale next month, only keeping it around for a couple trips I make in May/June once a year.

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