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    So... HTC Vive!

    Things I wish I'd known going into the purchase:

    Straight out of the box, you'll need access to up to five additional plugs - One for each of the two 'lighthouses'... the little Bose cube shaped guys that help define your game play area and positioning. One for the box that connects your headset to the pc (also uses HDMI & USB to the PC tower). And finally two ports that are used to charge the controllers, although they're not needed all of the time and you can use any old USB charger as far as I know.

    The only mounting option out of the box is to install it onto your walls. This is great if you have a dedicated room with no variables that you can set it and forget it. However, if you want to take it places or have to move objects or furniture or whatever, this is not an option. So, I did what 90% of the community has seemed to do and purchased 2 cheap camera tripods along with 2 tripod mini ball heads, so that I can aim and angle the lighthouses however I wish. Altogether these cost me $47 in addition to the Vive.

    There are also silicone sleeves that you can get for the controllers (think Wiimote covers), but I don't anticipate punching any brick walls with them anytime soon.

    So, when you finally get to stop staring at the box and get to set it up, it is very plug and play (considering the amount of objects involved). Vive setup is succinct and fun, because nothing in VR is boring as far as I've seen so far.

    As for the games and 'experiences'... there's more than enough out right now to blow your mind, no matter what your skepticism, or how much you aren't a gamer. I'm not really a gamer anymore tbh. The last game I put more than ten hours into was probably something like Burnout Paradise, whenever the hell that came out.

    Games that I have so far that I recommend, and maybe a note about them if needed.

    1. The Brookhaven Experiment. A VR wave-based zombie/mutant shooter. A good example of what a shooter can be, in addition to being immersed into a horror environment. Just being inside the world adds a new fear that it's hard to get with a controller in your hand and the rest of your living room in your periphery. Everywhere you look, there you are still. It's short but fun and repayable. Good to give to people familiar with gaming, a bit too much for older folks or those who aren't gamers. But sometimes these games are just as fun to throw your sister into and watch her scream and flail to the ground at the first zombie.

    Video of game:

    2. Budget Cuts Demo. A fun short demo of a portal-esque style sneak from point A to point B game. Fun art style and fun for everyone once they get used to the locomotion system of the game.


    3. The Cubicle. Just an 'experience', but tbh I like these just as much as fleshed out games. I'm excited to see what devs can create along these lines. I like standing around and staring about when stuff is going on. Gives you a great sense of scale.


    4. The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of The Starseed. This came free with my purchase from MicroCenter, and I'm very glad it did. This is the most fully fleshed out game that's not an arcadey shooter that I've played, and it's just wonderful. The way you can interact with the environment and have to get on you knees to look under a desk, or jump as high as you can to grab an item, etc. I even loved the way you have to reach back behind you to grab your backpack and bring it in front of you to look at what's in your inventory. Even then, you have to look inside and dig around for the items you want. Just really really fun. It's just pure smiles from start to finish.


    5. Holoball. Remember that flash game CurveBall we all played for a bit years back? This is it but you're in the game. Cool 80's outrun style music and visuals. Basically handball. Will make you sweat before you know it.


    ...part 2 continued below, since apparently we cant embed more than 5 things at a time.
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  2. Part 2:

    6. Irrational Exuberance: Prologue. Another experience that is interactive. Not much to it but shows a neat sense of scale, some example of what you can do with the system, and is just really cool. Deep space stuff is basically one of the big reasons I got one of these. I just wanna drop acid and float around my room until I dehydrate and die. Hopefully a game comes out that helps me realize this.


    7. The Lab. This is Valve's 'demo room'. It is super interactive and super awesome, and it showcases dozens of things that you can do with the system. There is a lab, that is in the world of Portal I think? I didn't play that game but that's how I felt. Anyways, you're in a lab that you can walk around in and explore, and in that lab are little kiosks that will take you to different games or lands to experience. The best all-round application for the Vive to showcase to newcomers.

    One video:

    And a second:

    8. The Night Cafe. A VR jump into the world of Van Gogh's famous painting. It's simple but a really cool experience. Almost creepy at some times for some reason to me. My aunt who has been an art director at local schools for 35 years just loved it.


    9. Rec Room. Think of like if Nintendo made a VR gym class game. It's all online multiplayer, with cute Mii-esque graphics. You can play Frisbee, soccer, paintball, darts, basketball, ping pong, etc. I only played it for 18 minutes one night just to check it out. I went into the lobby and saw a bunch of dudes speaking w00tsquad language and when they saw me one dude ran up and put a trashcan on my head and they giggled and ran away. I look forward to playing it a bit more when I have time.

  3. Part 3:

    10. RIchie's Plank Experience. THIS IS THE BEST GAME TO THROW EVERYONE INTO. It's a small app that costs a few bucks, where the main point of the game is to have you walk a plank from the edge of a skyscraper. I have 2 amazing videos of my dad and brother in law playing this, I'll hopefully upload them soon for you guys to see.


    11. Space Pirate Trainer. This is such a bad ass game. I just shake my head thinking about how fun it is. It's basically a wave shooter where you have two weapons, multiple kinds of guns, and shields if you want, and you just await wave after wave of robo-alien enemies ducking and dodging their bullets while you blast the shit out of them. You'll sweat playing this.


    12. theBlu. A beautiful deep-sea experience game developed by the same dudes who make Irrational Exuberance. You get 3 different underwater environments to witness and each one is just jaw dropping.


    13. Tilt Brush. Developed by Google, it's basically Paintbrush in VR. I've messed around with it for not much time, but it's one of those games you know there is so much more to do with it, but you're limited by your own ingenuity. Really really cool.

    Video to an example of what can be done with it:

    Welp, that's all I can think of sharing for now. I have about 30 more games in my Steam wishlist that I'm excited to download and try when I have time. It's such a cool thing to play with.
  4. Doom stresses me the **** out I can't imagine playing in VR I'd have a heart attack

    /too old for this shit
  5. The person in those videos should get dick punched for being so annoying.
  6. Tickets for Universal Studios
  7. you going to go get a wand at harry potter world?
  8. 1AD4F495-0707-4F16-B56F-93CB64A6A18C.jpg First non jeans I've bought in years, not counting work pants . Sorry it's only a picture and not an embedded video
  9. Post in .gif form.
  10. looks like they really cover those legs up
  11. 4 Mavic XM819 spare rims. Sparing money for another watch
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  13. ive wanted to get a dashcam for some time. earlier this year someone tagged the door on my car when i wasnt around. i dont even have idea where it might have happened. would loved to have had footage of some shitfuck driving away from the scene and nail their ass to the wall.

    come back here in about a month and tell me what you love or hate about it. if you know anyone else who uses one, find out which one they uses and what they think
  14. Last night my buddy came over with his pc and vive. and mdma. i peaked on a flying coaster in a roller coaster simlator game called no limits 2.
  15. For that you'll need a dash cam and hardwire kit. Keep in mind, someone may break in and steal it if they notice it. Since the cam faces forward, it's unlikely you'll see the plate of who dings the side of your car.
    I used a dash cam from Wheel Witness for about a week. It was pretty good. Their customer service pissed me off. The first few days I could use the USB port to transfer the videos. Then, all of a sudden, it would just power the cam (there was a separate USB port for power). I told them about it and they basically said oh well just use an SD card reader. I told them I don't have one and I wanted to use USB, not SD card. They kept insisting so I said to **** themselves and got a refund.
  16. comrades here to MAGA
  17. As long as they bring their women.
  18. Did ya love it?
  19. Games are great on hallucinogens. My favorite games:
    Alice Madness Returns
    Quantum Break
    Harvester (old game, one of my most favorite ever. Real creepy game: )

    And I found out I would be a beast at Call of Duty on 1p. It was crazy how it improved my reaction time.
  20. Checked out a local auction. Picked up 3 sets of Helly Hansen rain paints (came with a free set of black coveralls that actually fit). Got a couple pairs of large and one medium. I fit the medium but the large sizes are more comfortable for layering. So keeping those handy for camping. Also picked up a bnib Chicago Pneumatic CP714 air hammer for basically nothing, and some light load straps for a quad (1670lb yellow style).
  21. I finally bought myself a force feedback wheel. Thrustmaster T-150. Been racing on Project Cars on PC, and looking forward to Gran Turismo Sport on PS4 later this year. Last time I really wheel was for GT3 and GT4, but I was a broke-as-**** kid back then.
  22. Harvester kind of reminds me of police quest open season. But obviously a thriller version.
  23. you went to an auction and bid on pants?
  24. There's an auction near me that, among the antique furniture and collectibles, has a room full of random shit like sunglasses and returned Dyson stuff

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