Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Mortgage? I wish. Average Auckland house price is hovering around the 1mil mark.
    Looking to move to I can sit on my own grass without high blood pressure.
  2. I bought some bubble tea. its all the rage here
  3. running in pants?
    signing up for retail bullshit?

    bad decision making
  4. Wait, what am I supposed to run in?
  5. shorts you hairy beast
  6. Short shorts to be exact. Everybody needs to either see the tip of your dick or the bottom of your balls dangle out after every stride.
    Fuckin noob.
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  7. **** that, I'm cold.
  8. Movie ticket for Wednesday.
  9. Ah yes. Wednesday. That's that new Oscar hopeful right?
  10. Replaced my Nexus 6P's battery. Let's see if that solves our issues.
  11. [​IMG]
    A 1967 Omega constellation
  12. Wanna buy my TAG?
  13. I just replaced the battery on my iPhone. I don't know what problems you were having, but it solved all of mine!
  14. [​IMG]

    Technically not my most recent purchase, but it's the most recent to actually show up. It was kinda a pain in the ass because I wanted embellished mattes, but I also all my frames to match (two landscape 8.5x11 from one school, one portrait 11x14 from another, and one portrait 8.5x11 with no embellishment). And so I learned how much custom framing costs. Fun.
  15. up to 25y, negociable each 5y. I.e. you renew each 5y, and you can re-extend to 25y, add money, etc.

    congtars, this must have been a piece of cake for you to achieve
  17. Yeah, it was about $650 for four frames. And I was on the cheap end.
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  18. Ok. So that sounds like a 5 year fixed term 25 year amortization. That is the most common.
  19. So far I'm extremely happy.
    The old battery would discharge too quickly (although not as bad as I've seen other older phones do), but the worst part was that it would shut down randomly when the battery dropped below 40%. So basically every time I got to 50%, I knew I needed to find a charger fast.

    Seems like that's all fixed. Hopefully it'll last, because the 6P is a good device beyond the battery issues.
  20. This is more or less the same problems that I had. My phone would drop from 100% to 60% in about an hour, even if it was just on standby. I downloaded an app that can tell the battery stats, and it would show that my old unit was only holding 30% of the charge of what it was originally capable of. The random shutdowns were probably due to the battery not being able to supply the voltage it was required at certain times.

    This battery lasted me about 1.5 years. I was happy with replacing it instead of buying a new phone.
  21. Ditto. Mine lasted about the same time and the fix was much cheaper and easier than buying a new phone.

    Still at 96% after being unplugged for a couple of hours and had a bunch of screen on time.
  22. indeed we aren't striving to innovate over here
  23. Yeah it's the safest overall.
  24. I called my ISP and added the 'Social Media', 'Forums and Special Interest' and 'Streaming Video' packages. Yay capitalism!
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  25. You're a ninjaneer. I'm surprsed you didn't build a carbon fiber frame that can negate green house gases from your room/flat/flotilla

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