Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Wrong 'Wong', I ain't royalty. I'm yellow.

    But thanks!
  2. That's racisss mr 黄
  3. Purchased metal roofing materials and went wild over the last few days. Most of my summer holidays has been working on the house so far.

    Been working hard to polish a turd. Ended up rolling it in glitter.

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  4. @Aych Es Vee wow man, that looks so good after all of your hard work. Great job.
  5. Some ting wong with him?
  6. Damn, did that all yourself? Impressive.
  7. I bought a new gas hose that runs to the stove. I figured i chould change it, since i didn't know how old it was. Apparently the old hose was from 1975 lih.
  8. Compressor on my 12 year old fridge went kaput, $400 for the part, plus Freon and installation which would set me back at least 600 bucks . Ended up buying one of those French three door fridges for $1200.

    Oh also the glass on the patio sliding door cracked and that set me back $300.

    There goes my vacation to the Dominican Republic
  9. Thanks man

    Thanks. I did a lot myself, or had helping hands. A good friend of mine is a metal-roofer by trade, so I helped him with that one. Which is probably the biggest change.
  10. id love to move to australia and live life as a tradie with a ute
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    That ships sailing, they stopped building utes 3 months ago :'(
  12. hoard them now, theyll be worth millions(AUD) soon enough
  13. I got some more shitty Chinese stuff. Some of these fuckers take months to arrive. I should quit buying shit I don't need off the internet. It's addictive.
  14. Bought some new shoes for work. They're brogues.

    The old ones were probably 7 years old. Both soles had split widthwise right across the middle just behind the balls of my feet. Weirdest shoe failure I've ever experienced. Usually I wear the heels down to a massive wedge, or wear holes in the soles.
  15. i bought some boondockers that were kinda cheap and im like 20% away from being full on bootfag i want all the best boots
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  16. Easier for make fit of food du la graisse Americaine
  17. open me up like one of your french doors
  18. Fill you Up with frozen tv dinners and "panko breaded" chicken breasts
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  19. Pls don't
  20. stay out of this
  21. Sure ya'd like to live the oz life as a tradie, driving around receiving gobbies from all the fat slurries, maybe even root a jut or two 'til buggered up the duff... ya'd think you'd get used to slogging as a garbo, bricky or a sparky in Wollomoloo, punching abos and picking up those wee bugger sprogs from the kindy in your ute and think to yourself: this tradie life's much better than the seppo life you used to have.

    But before you know it, you'll become proper bogan and get into wonk or shardies and then a bikie will stab you with a knifey and you'll end up at the morgie.
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  22. All this sexting about frozen tv dinner penetration and whatnot is just too disturbing even by my standards.... and my standards are lax as ****.
  23. [​IMG]
  24. You two are like TimmyMcBlowsYou/Dishes but worse
  25. [​IMG]

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