Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Bought rest of the pieces I need to finally assemble my new PC. Realized my old dvd drive will not work as the new MB dont have IDE lanes left. :)

    A bit nervous about how putting these together will work out. Need to be careful.
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  2. Paul CB and I had a MASSIVE circle jerk back in the day
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  3. TimmyMcOwnsYou and VICIOUS used to have an online relationship

    I also had one with bananatucker but it wasn't consensual
  4. True

    But PartyPaul hasn't partaken since he od'd in that disabled bathroom stall at Arby's
  5. Sounds like my kind of party. It just needs a glory hole.
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  6. sober paul is such a drag
  7. batterypack, that X3 can't keep its charge for shit
    what pansies in cold weather BMW are
  8. german luxury suvs are a joke!
  9. Insert headphones.jpeg here

    My Panasonic ones that are ~6 years old came apart.

    I can't believe some headphones cost 800 dolares americanos, what the **** is wrong with people. I bought a pair that costed me 64 dollars, and I only paid that much because I wanted over the ears, noise-cancelling ones. Yeah, they don't look cool and are not covered in stitched leather like the ones that cost 10 times more, but IT COSTS 10 TIMES LESS PEOPLE
  10. Plane tickets for another Amsterdam visit. **** new cities, I need the time off.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. i think overear headphones are so lame
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  13. is that ricky martin

    vman is ricky martin a real man of them gay drems
  14. srsly
  15. They are so comfortable is what they are

    I wear them in the office, while working. I don't walk down the street rocking them out like a 15 year old
  16. So you can't hear all the cool kids at work make fun of you.
  17. Heater on the Fiesta died 40 days into owning the car. Mixed with a climate control that had a mind of it's own (before and after the heater was fixed), and the fact that the block heater cable wouldn't extend out of the engine bay, so I had to pop the hood every time I wanted to plug the car in drove me nuts. Mostly because the hood wouldn't close properly in the cold, so I had to fiddle with the damn latch cable every freaking time... I sold the car. Picked up a truck to replace it. I was actually able to find a regular cab that was a 4X4 and short box, with the V8 for once. Every time I was in the market for one, it's usually a V6 or 2WD, or white.

    Mostly long boring straight roads where I live, the Fiesta didn't really get driven like it was made to be. Unless I wanted to drive 4 hours of long, straight roads to the mountains one way and hope I don't run into a bus full of tourists clogging the road. Either way, I'm really enjoying this purchase. Looking forward to rigging it up for camping.

  18. Nice truck. Congrats. I miss my GMs
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  19. A universal stove for outdoor cooking:


    A cold start takes roughly 15 minutes. Once the stove has reached its operating temperature it becomes omnivorous and emits a slight whistle/hum depending on the amount of fuel inside. It's very ugly and heavy (58kg) but very convenient and powerful.
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  20. I thought antifa was rioting.
  21. cool truck
    single cab 4wd v8, cool combo
  22. Just bought a fully working ps2. Only 15 euro.
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  23. And some games:

    Kingdom hearts
    Tomb raider legends
    Enter the matrix
    Prince of Persia
    SSX Tricky
  24. Bought dying light again. Apparently they're coming out with more story dlc.
  25. I still play it. Its fun online. But got bored with the story.

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