Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Does anyone know about drones , i want one of these
    they all seem to be chinese which is a gamble though
  2. [​IMG]

    Bought a bottle of Lagavulin. I was going to get my usual Laphroaig, but the Lagavulin wasn't much more expensive this time.
  3. Bought a Tascam DR-70D field recorder, for a small video project. Got involved as a way to do some video post and voice over work, then thought I maybe ought to deliver a decent product. 81vxjzh-UWL._SL1500_.jpg 20180223_113039.jpg
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  4. amateur pornographer
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  5. The best audio, which is what you want in a good porno.
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  6. God can you imagine being hemi's neighbors
    could probably hear Puma swede blaring out his surround sound throughout the neighborhood for hours every day
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  7. that or the chilling gurgling of blood from a gerber mk ii to the epiglottis
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  8. something something exploded head on tarmac something something
  9. Completed my PC build buying an Asus 27" IPS screen. Games run slightly slower, but porn does look good at 1440p. Sure hope this one lasts as well as my ten year old LG. Having a second screen is also fun.
  10. It's like you can actually lick the syphilis on their vaginas.
  11. Seiko SSA355J1

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  12. Some Teen Titan books for my kid's birthday. It's hard to get her gifts. She doesn't like playing with toys. She like rough housing and running around. It's good because at least she's getting exercise, but I feel like a cheap dad not getting her many presents.
  13. Blue and chrome is a great combo. Only thing I'd change is the skeletonized bit, but that is a great looking watch.
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  14. get her a puppy then
  15. They're not as tasty as you'd think.
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  16. I need a new fitness tracker. Not something too expensive and it doesn't have to be very smartwatch-y. Maybe the Garmin Vivosmart HR, but I'm a little annoyed by the fact that it's a slightly old model. We bought one for my dad a couple of years ago and one for my mom last year (they've added GPS).
  17. I was in two minds about how that looks, seeing the balance wheel and whatnot. At first I figured since it has a display back it's pretty superfluous so I was considering a different model with a date and power reserve dial, but I do like being able to see it working and it's my first mechanical watch so yeah, open heart it is.

    There was a black option with silver hands and markers but yeah I'm a big fan of blue and silver. Cribbed from IWC, I'm sure.

  18. What exactly do you want it for? Steps, heart rate, calories burned?
  19. Something that isn't too massive and a battery that lasts for more than a couple of days.
  20. Fitbit?
  21. I have a fitbit. Recommended. It's great.
  22. Actually leaning towards Garmin.
    Which one? Pros and cons?
  23. I spent a lot of money this month on:
    New car battery.
    New back panel for my laptop.
    New frying pans (the old ones were no longer non-stick).
  24. I've got the Fitbit Charge 2. It's small and lasts a good week before needing a charge. It tells time and measures the usual heart rate, steps, distance, calorie burn and sleep data. You can also have it scroll incoming text messages.
  25. I've done some research and now I'm leaning towards the Garmin Vivosport. Except they don't sell it here and I'll have to either ship it from the States (will cost around 20% more than retail) or have someone bring it over for me.

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