Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. I have a fitbit charge 2.

    Comes with a great app that can make great statistics, so you can see how you improve your stamina.

    Has a heartbeat sensor, which works great and you can also track your sleeping pattern with it.

    Lasts around 7 days without charging.

    Downside is that sometimes the bluetooth connection with the phone is not great, but that also can be due to my phone.
  2. why would I want a fitness tracker

    edit: what i mean is 'why do you have a fitness tracker'
    like what do you do with the stats, why do you care? i work out and run all the time and never really considered getting one
  3. Seiko's are the best place to start!
    RIP your savings.
  4. I've had a simple one for years now. It's good to have perspective on how you're doing in terms of everyday activity, sleep, heart rate etc. It's also pretty great at giving you motivation to get up and do something when you're being lazy.

    Since mine is getting a little old, and it's not-replaceable strap is a little ruined, I figure it's time for an upgrade.
  5. Went to a thriftshop. Bought some ps2 games:

    - GTA 3
    - GTA Vice City
    - GTA San Andreas
    - Golden eye rogue agent
    - Some toy racing game i cant remember the name of

    And Alice for PC.

    All in mint condition. Only 8 euro lih
  6. I had been looking at a couple of the seemingly endless designs from the 5 range for ages, but I was fortunate enough to be able to justify a little bit more of a spend.

    I may still get a couple of 5s down the line but for now yeah I'm super happy.
  7. GTA series ftw. I could **** around in Vice City for hours and hours.
  8. Yeah my favourite as well. Been playing for 2 hours. It's still so much fun.
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  9. Distance walked/calories burned helps me decide if I should eat baked chicken with two oranges and a cheese stick or baked chicken with a just piece broccoli.
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  10. why dont you just eat deez nuts

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  11. Wedding suit and shoes. Poor now.
  12. Smith and Wesson SDVE 9mm. 20180328_181359.jpg
  13. :D
  14. How many people did it kill while it was walking around today?
  15. 372. But they were mostly black and brown so they only count as 2. Thats the way it works right?

    Wait.... I'm in Canada so it counts as 4
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  16. Just arranged to buy a Devialet Phantom. Can't wait to pick it up tomorrow.
  17. lol i thought you said deviantart phantom

    i thought you were some kind of supersonic clearslider fan
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  18. That will look very good in your scandi-cool home.
  19. What, ur saying you arent?

    Oh man this alien egg thing is SO FUCKING COOL. It's ridiculous and awesome and has such a huge potential of souring my relationship with my neighbours.

    Also I need to stop making snap decisions to buy all of the stuff I find cool. My living room is so full of 70s chairs (I'm moving them it's just that I was conditioning the leather).
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  20. Bullshit! You've got a problem and you know it. We're here to help.
  21. I can stop whenever I want I swear!!!!!
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  22. wow that thing is bigger than i imagined

    also everything you own looks cool
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  23. mid-century furniture club signing in
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