Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

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  1. That's what she said.
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  2. Metal Gear Solid 2 and Tekken tag tournament for ps2 and Rayman Legends for xbox one
  3. Just got a PS4 and Yakuza Kiwami Marvel vs Capcom infinite, Killzone Shadow fall, Infamous Second Son, and Just Cause 3.
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  4. Picked up an i7-8700K, 32 GB, 1070 desktop. I have visions of gaming, photo and video editing, all that good stuff. I'm sure it will be 99.8% used for youtube and facebook.
  5. ive got 16gb ram in my laptop. what common applications benefit from 16gb ram
  6. Chrome.
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  7. But also photo and video editing software (the latter more so, of course).
  8. chrome specifically, or browsers in general?
  9. Do you use a browser that's not Chrome?
  10. i use chrome and firefox
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  11. In general, most browsers are memory-hungry. Chrome probably more than the others because it's packed with (well, memory-hungry) features and 3rd party extensions. But usually this isn't an issue if you have 8GB of RAM or more. Most people aren't that heavy with their use. If you're one of those more-than-20-tabs-open-at-all-times type of people, then the lack of memory might be felt.
  12. ok thanks

    i dont do video editing(i leave that to the amateur pornographers of the world, like disord3r)
    so it is unlikely than any application I use will use more than 8gb of ram?
  13. That depends on your usage habits. Gaming, intense browsing (i.e keeping many tabs open for long periods of time) and video editing can all be reasons why 8gb wouldn't be enough. In my opinion, it's the minimum in today's standard, but should suffice for most simple home users.
  14. Burnout 3 and dragonquest 8.
  15. Got some more aluminum to push out my awning brackets to center the tent.


    Then lots of beer and snacks and went camping for the long weekend. Buddy built a private campground in a corner of the family farm.
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  16. i like the way you live
  17. me too

    picked up an SE 8 circuit sPOD with the touchscreen unit and a rigid industries 2x2 scene light. Wired everything up on the weekend and now I got a nice little camp light.
  18. New tires. Not even 32's but it seems maybe i flew too close to the sun. Might have to trim out a bit of my bumpers and possibly a bit of the fender area despite the lift, but thats pretty common apparently. If id known i would be trimming for these tires i wouldve just gone straight to 33s with steel bumpers and full fender trimming .

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  19. 2018 Range Rover Sport HSE TD6
  20. Ahh, the Health & Safety trim level.
  21. Indeed.

    It's pretty nice. Drives amazingly. But god damn do we get raped on car prices in Canada
  22. Maybe compared to the US.
  23. Yes. I know some of you also pay insane amounts for vehicles.
  24. It's not bro'ed out enough. Needs useless large wheels, 3 light bars, and a few Monster energy drink stickers.

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