Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

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  1. There is a limit of 4 plants without a license. But you can get personal grow licenses that can be in the hundreds of plants. Or a license to produce which can be in the hundreds of thousands of plants.
  2. What an utter GARBAGE person, holy shit.

    Sounds like she needs a home visit from some masked goons. It's time to break some knees!
  3. Dude, that's terrible. Hope you get your memories back.

    Why was this person in your home in the first place? Did you make her sign a contract of some sort?
  4. She was an old friend of my wife. And I put a suite in my basement. She needed a place to live so it seemed to work out. She was a good person at one stage of her life. But heroin ruins even the best people.
  5. And you just bought her a few fixes...
  6. Essentially. Unknowingly and unwillingly.
  7. So I guess you get to use this "remember that time" instance for all the butt sex you want from your wife for a good 3 or 4 months.
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  8. I dont like it when shes the man
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  9. You get used to it
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  10. Upgraded my computer to the 21st century.
    Everything but SSD, HDD, and video card is new. Upgrading GPU soon, but the prices these days... : (
  11. Strong rumors that Nvidia will be releasing a GTX 1660 Ti soon along side their RTX 20 series range. Basically a 2060 minus the RTX tech, and at a much lower cost.
  12. I buy house.
    I poor now.
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  13. Pics or it didnt happen
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  14. land of the free
  15. Congrats. Where.
  16. Typical lib wanting a handout.
  17. i want daddy to tell me where and how much a certain species of plant can grow on my property
    its a moral issue
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  18. I would also like to know Christofurr's new address.
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  19. So I bought this. Well, my offer was accepted. I cant pick it up for 2 weeks, so unless anything happens between now and then, the VL will have a sibling.

    Screenshot_20190122-162738_Carsales.jpg Screenshot_20190122-162715_Carsales.jpg Screenshot_20190122-162702_Carsales.jpg
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  20. Sweet. Same gen as mine. They are fun. Not really fast but fast enough to be fun. And with a good set of new tires they handle really well.
  21. Yes.
    Mad. I will need some tips. They aren't very common here. My Commore is much quicker... so I wouldnt mind getting a little more power from it, but it was fun to drive regardless
  22. Corvette/index.html
  23. Pretty much. Apparently these stock engines don't really get anymore power out of them....

    Maybe I'll put the VLs RB25DET in it haha
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  24. There is very cheap and easy ways to get a bit more power out of them. What year is it? That gen came with 4 different engine options. So depending which one you can increase pretty easily. Or you can have it "converted" to a 383 stroker and get yourself up to about 420-450 at the crank.

    These earlier C4s came with two engine options depending on year. The later c4s then had two other engine options.

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