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  1. Built 87, I think 88 model.
    Engine is L98
  2. 250hp? I think thats powerful enough leave it alone
  3. I dont know... my Commodore is almost 100kg lighter, and 360hp, and I still want more power, haha
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Bought an MPV

    mazda-3-2-0-navigator-automaat (2).jpg mazda-3-2-0-navigator-automaat (1).jpg mazda-3-2-0-navigator-automaat.jpg
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  6. too much hp makes my pencil neck snap back and my soy arms tremble
  7. Mines an 87 with the same engine. The TPFI in this engine makes it slightly less tunable than the Newer EFI engine. But the 87/88 are the lightest C4s built and have an excellent suspension in them. The other weak point is the 4+3 transmission. One of the best bit of money spent would be a transmission swap to a good 5 speed. There are a few out there that will bolt right on. Basically about 6-8k in work and that car will keep up with a C6 Z51.
  8. You sure? The 87/88 corvette is only about 2700lbs it wasnt until the facelift that the weight increases to almost 3200lbs
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    I got it from the scales at the lumber mill up the road from my house. 1/4 tank of fuel and roof panel out. It was 2950lbs with me in it. I'm 205lbs.
    The facelift added a lot of weight actually. The newer engine was actually heavier. And the airbag systems added weight. As well as the 6 speed transmission. They also put a completely different suspension setup in it which was softer sprung and heavier as well as heavier softer seats with heavier more "reliable" electric motors in them. They also added more sound insulation. Each individual update added little weight but when added up it actually made quite a difference.
    This is partially "bro science" passed on from a buddy who's a GM mechanic that's been doing some work on my car.

    Edit: I will absolutely recheck my numbers in the spring. I could be remembering incorrectly I suppose.
  10. VL is 2980lbs. I thought the 87 C4 was 3400
  11. Yeah, those scales are off a good 3 or 400 pounds or your car is missing alot of important parts, haha
  12. maybe he actually weighs 500 lbs and doesnt want to face it :oops:
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  13. What mods should i do, rear wiper delete?
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  14. Put some turbos on it so you can make comfortably over 700hp
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  15. Shhhhhh.
  16. definitely

    wEiGhTsAvInG bR0
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  17. Front wiper delete.
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  18. Well I did take the ac compressor out. And the spare tire out
  19. All my Vettes weight savings is due to something breaking and me ripping it out in frustration. And not wanted to spend more money on it. 32 year old car that wasnt super reliable in the first place is awesome fun.
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  20. shitty cars that still run well are the best.

    Someone reversed into my car whilst i was on holiday a few years ago, and I still haven't gotten the dent pulled out.

    I see it as a sign for other motorists to stay out of my way. Hopefully it reads as "this car is worth £500 and the driver gives no fucks".
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  21. I think i want to make the car a bit lower. Maybe 20mm or 30mm. Should i just get springs or invest in decent coilovers?
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    just springs would probably suffice to get the look you want although the standard shocks may not be as well matched as the oem setup (may be a bit bouncy?)

    coil-overs are a couple of steps past just lowering springs and probably overkill for normal commuting and daily driving. You can get fixed lowered shocks and spring kits that are probably the best option for you tbh

    EDIT: unsure if these are the exact ones you'll need, but possibly correct

    EDIT2: Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but IIRC with lowering springs alone you'll end up with an OEM shock that is, in effect, too long. This may add more stress to the shocks than a stock height setup would, which could wear out the shocks prematurely. Again, I may be completely wrong here but it sounds right to me.
  23. Alternatively, just use loads of zip-ties to compress some coils together, as per the following examples:




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  24. Absolutely. The one thing about this Vette, I would really love to sink some money into and make it into something. But I also really enjoy driving the piss out of it until the tranny just decides it's not going to shift at all anymore. Then mysteriously work perfectly again after 15 minutes of sitting in a parking lot or intersection to cool down.
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