Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

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  1. Its pretty good. Very woke and feminist at the end though.
  2. It was amazing. A few plot holes maybe, but still fun.
  3. stop watching kids films you weirdos
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  4. I have kids. Pretty much all I watch is Paw Patrol and Super Hero shows
  5. I was disappointed a little just because it's finally over. I did like it though. The woman power scene seemed so forced, it was totes cringy. I liked Captain Marvel a lot, but that was such a try hard moment.
  6. Yeah it was super forced.
  7. P30 Pro. Camera is amazing. Still learning the rest.
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  8. man I really want a P30 Pro. I really should be saving money, though.
  9. It's really good. I am not tech savvy at all though. And I have had Samsung devices for so long that it's a bit of a curve to learn all the little nuances of this phone.

    But as I mentioned already, the camera is insane. The AI in the camera is so cool.
  10. From an art gallery gift shop.

  11. It's the camera that is really piquing my interest, but it's a big investment all for a better IG feed. lol
  12. are gay people objectively better at design
  13. **** if I know. If it were a book about gay designers, it would probably be a much larger book.
  14. After a long pause bought camera apparel. Fell for the Nikon summer campaign and bought the 200-500 f5.6. I will post samples once I get to use it a bit more, had it with me on a track day last weekend and first impressions are promising but cautious.
  15. - Games:

    Sonic 2(Megadrive)
    Monster Hunter World(Xbox one)

    - Turtle wax interior cleaner
    - New license plate holders
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  16. Going to purchase some GKtech control arms for the R34. Hopefully can get her sitting right so I can install my Work Meister SP1's.
  17. Some new liners for my roller blades.

    Should have done it as soon as I bought them tbh. It's made such a difference.
  18. I'm interested to hear whether you've experienced any issues since the whole Huawei/Google issue. Are you still getting updates, and do all the Google services apps still work?
  19. i have a huawei, everything still works.
  20. I guess it's to do with new models after the ban
  21. Were you able to upgrade to Android 10?
  22. Still 9, but getting frequent smaller updates. Non-google phones are always late.
  23. a golf gti
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  24. Mad. I bought a new Sega Megadrive controller by retro-bit. Best remake ever.
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  25. Guess who's half a million bucks poorer?
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