Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. All I want is for there to be some solid confirmation that google won't stop supporting their software on Huawei devices that came out before the ban. In that case I'd go for one without hesitation. I know you've had no issues so far but I can't help but feel uneasy about it.

    Hopefully there should be some good news soon but if there aren't any exemptions granted for Google then the temporary licences will expire very soon so you'd stop receiving updates. Tbh I'm not sure how much of an issue it would be, but I guess I'm scared of commitment (lol that's not like me AT ALL!).
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  2. 05d.jpg
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  3. At work we have an option between the Samsung A70 and iPhonse 8. Everyone choses the iPhone lol
  4. I will say the Pixel is very fast too. Pages and apps load and respond instantly.

  5. Lol yeah **** the Pixel 4 battery. POS could barely last 10 hours. Traded it in for a S10 Note+.
  6. lol that's dumb.
  7. Yeah that's rubbish for a new phone. I'm disappointed tbh as ideally I'd just stick with Pixels for the forseeable but it sounds like they've ruined it.
  8. So far I'm loving the S10. Just as fast, camera is just as good, and it too charges very quickly. Also, unlike the Pixel, it comes with a pair of fancy USB-C ear buds.
  9. Just bought a Switch + Mario oddysey and Luigi's mansion
  10. Back to eighties. Or more precisely 2005, but this was something I wanted as a kid but could never afford. Im expecting this to drive so poorly that shelf duty may be its destiny.

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  11. I often have to stop myself from going on a spending frenzy, buying all of the cool toys kids have nowadays for myself.
  12. I barely used my phone for the passed week. I got almost 72hours out of the battery. Pretty impressed.
    It sat idle for most of the day. The only real use was about 1 hour a day, between checking emails and skyping my kids.
  13. Hiding from the government?
  14. Real talk, the iphone 11 battery is insane, I got 3 days out of it with regular use actually. Once I realized it could do 2 days easy, I stopped charging to 100% every night like I used to before. Now I charge it at my desk to about 70% or so and then go about my day. Typically its at about 30% or more when I go to bed and I just leave it unplugged. Why charge to 100 anymore? Thats just bad for the battery over time.
  15. go to 99
  16. Got a new bed. It's kinda big, but the quality is great. Better sleep really fucking well tonight.
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  17. Slept like a motherfucking princess.
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  18. Got new winter tires. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 for 420e a set. (BF deal)

    The Hakka 5s which I bought with the car lasted 11 winters and roughly 70-80 kkm (45k miles).
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  19. I do like a new set of (good) tyres. The difference they make is astounding. I've never had the opportunity to drive on proper winter tyres on snow etc but I'd like to give it a go

    My current tyre situation is that my car came with some mid-range semi-alright tyres, but the fronts wore out and at the time I didn't have the spare cash to put anything good on the front, so they put some absolutely TERRIBLE tyres on the front (Grenlander, apparently??!), which I'd never heard of before, and have completely ruined the handling and wet weather capabilities. Understeer city

    I'm about to replace all four though which I'm very excited about, not only because it means I'm going to have some more performance-oriented tyres on the car for the first time in my stewardship, but I've been shown a deal (at Costco, of all places) for a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5s for £197 including fitting which is very nearly the same price per tyre as the ditch-finder 5000s the local garage threw on a few months ago.

    Monday can't come soon enough!
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  20. We are required to have winter tires three months beginning from December. This is the first time I have waited to the last weekend. This autumn has been very mild.

    When I bought the car I thought that I might consider non studded tires when the change came, but those really never last longer than five years, so not really an option.

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  21. Regarding Idols post, a new and good bed is money well spent. :)
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  22. I think someone put some nails in your tiyres.

  23. 197 for all 4 is a damn good deal. I have Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 summer directional tires on the front. Wet weather is still better than the mid-range all seasons. Breaking is significantly better.
  24. IKR, I was gearing up for £400+ for Michelin PS4s or the equivalent Continentals (which were the OE fit) which I was happy to pay, but my mate showed me the deal at Costco and I really couldn't pass it up. AFAIK the F1s are just as good as the Michelins or Contis so yeah, great deal all round
  25. This is something I've been putting off whenever a more immediate requirement comes up. I need a new mattress at least.

    My joints ache sometimes when I wake up. Not great.

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