Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

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  1. It's an expensive thing to buy, but then again you're gonna spend a third of your life on it. I ended up not splurging too much on the mattress itself in favor of a good bed that has a storage space underneath. But the mattress is still thick with isolated springs and a layer of memory foam/visco/whatever they call it. It's not as soft as it was in the store, but I guess that should happen over time.
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  2. I had the same mattress for a decade. I didn't think anything of it as I just got used to it. Finally a board broke so I replaced the whole bed and I forgot how nice it is to have a new mattress.
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  3. I bought one of those online mattresses thats shipped in a box

    much cheaper than the standard you get when you walk into a mattress store. IDK if overseas you have the same weird mattress store economy, but they have huge markups($2500 for a mattress!!) and there are like 4 or 5 mattress stores in even small cities. I listened to a pod on this one time but I forget the reason, some kind of tax loophole or something or other
  4. does anyone know some good cheap USB powered speakers for my laptop
  5. I've seen so many of those ones advertised.

    Which one did you get, and do you like it?
  6. Got a new Chinese smartwatch (Amazfit GTS), a new pillow (memory foam/gel thing that's good for stomach sleepers) and a pair of hiking shoes.
    While the pillow didn't feel particularly comfortable compared to what I already had, I did sleep a good 8.5 hours.
  7. zinus off amazon. its ok,

    It's supposed to be 12" but I think I got catfished it's missing a few inches ;)

    comfortable enough. best part it was less than 300 for a queen
  8. Try trimming. The hair can hide an inch or two.
  9. why was the third line of your post as gay as the second one?
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  10. every sentence, gayer than the last

    that's my guarantee
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  11. I bought a used Nikon D3 (140000 shots fired) for 400 euros. So my long awaited upgrade to full frame came with the first such model Nikon introduced in 2007. :)

    D3 is three years older than my D7k which is now ten year old and still working well. Interestingly my most used and robust (I have even dropped it on asphalt) 14-24G lens was originally introduced with D3. Now I finally get to use the whole area of it and not just the middle.

    While I have now only used this for a weekend at our annual Motorcycle Show the quality that comes with top of the line cameras is obvious. The shutter is promised to last 300k shots and from how it clicks it sounds like new, my old D80 became a bit tired after only 60k and some shots. The D7k at same count seems also fine at the moment. Summer will reveal how the body truly works, but initially I would say the auto focus is better and dynamic/contrast image quality worse than in D7k. Its hilarious how small the 7k feels after holding the full size FF for only few days.

    A wide angle photo on a Honda Monkey 125cc, one of my favorites.

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  12. my camera is on my phone, it's an app I think
  13. A new bathroom door because my dog decided she didn't like the one we had. 0302201202.jpg
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  14. And I just found out how much that painting/lithograph is it's worth. Good rainy day fund.
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  15. Shameful cultural appropriation.

  16. Apologies for the vertical video.
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  17. An e85 tune for the Impala. It's cool because the tuner will retune for free for mods done at a later time. Another year and a half, then the fiancee is done with PA school and I can dump real money into the car.
  18. not gonna lie was pretty tense about what was going to be behind that door

    could have been tuuka bound and gagged
  19. He's chopped up in the freezer, silly.
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  20. We have a painting in the house that might be worth couple hundred thousand. Gonna sell it when kids go to college or something.
  21. sell it now before society collapses
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  22. So i can buy all the toiletpaper, when corona fully strikes i'll be the richest man in the world. Good thinking.
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  23. I just drove around for 30 minutes to finally find some toilet paper. Mother fuckers are so dense
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    Okay, this is the best decision I've made for a very long time.

    Not only is it ridiculously cheap to run, but it's just so much fun! I did 80 miles completely aimlessly 2 days ago just finding country roads to have a play on (fuel cost: £8. It would have been £20 in the Focus).

    The best thing about the timing of this is that last time I was on a motorcycle I got on the road in the September and by February I'd crashed it, so even though I had a lot of fun for 6 months, I did get wet a fair bit and very VERY cold. This time I'm back on a bike just as the weather is improving, so I'm really looking forward to the summer
  25. is this from before you crashed it
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