Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. 2 days before I crashed it, but I've just updated the daily ramblings thread with current developments and I'll be back on the road in the next few days.

    Still the best decision I've made in a long time.
  2. I bought this. 2018 model. I have a 2014 model aswell, but the fuel pump died, and they are waiting on another one to come for England. 6-8 weeks....... ugh, so I pretty much had to buy another one. Plus, the government is doing a small business instant tax incentive, where anything up to $150,000 purchased for your business is written off your income straight away. Normally its de-valued over 7 years, and taken off you income, so you pay less tax.
    Now I have no moneys. Need them to fix my other one so I can sell it....

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  3. My latest Lego is traveling somewhere in Holland today... Not getting it for Easter I think. :(
  4. Which one are you getting?
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  6. Yeah, do want.

    I'm hoping my sister continues the theme that she's established for the last couple of years of birthday and christmas presents, and gets me something from the Speed Champions range next month. The F40 and Senna models I have are really cool. Fingers crossed for the Audi Sport Quattro S1!

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  7. The IDEAS Pirates set. Purely nostalgia purchase. I had a two of those ships as a kid. Them cannons, sharks and gold chests. :)
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  8. I need a new mouse. The scroll wheel keeps changing direction randomly making any use infuriating. :)
  9. A truck, a house, and some stuff for my kitchen
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  10. those watches

    these knives
  11. I'm more of a gerber man
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  12. I have some gerbers
    1973 MKII Dagger
    1977 MKII Dagger
    1986 Gerber Guardian (very old photo)
  13. jesus

    what would that thing do to a mans epiglottis
  14. It would remove all the bees, at least
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  15. I collect knives like other people collect firearms. When you like some objects , you collect them. I know two friends of mine who have an entire collection of electric trains.
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  16. hard to kill a man with a model train
  17. fkin lol
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  18. One month ago I bought one of my favourite cars, a 1976 BMW 528i. Not running, not complete, not professionally painted, but rust free.
    And yesterday I bought a set of my favourite wheels to put on that car, staggered Alpina 16"s from the 80s.
    That makes four cars and nine sets of wheels. I really need to get rid of some stuff.

    Technically my latest purchase is 10 Rhododendrons, "Cunningham's White".
  19. Was it you who had the mg a or b?
  20. B GT, IIRC.

    With some awesome SSR wheels on it.
  21. A very nice bimmer, love the design. The Good Year tires have much better grip than the Fulda.
  22. Needs LS swap.
  23. No.gif

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