Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Fuldas on the back, then.

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  3. ordered this sheet set this morning but its backordered so who knows when I'll get it. But I've been wanting news sheets for a while so it feels good to have finally ordered some.

    sheet set.jpg
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  4. Yep, still have it. Had the floors and inner sills welded up because they were full of holes. Only did one trip in it last summer, from where I live to my parents house (5hrs each way). Removed some rust, primed and painted/undersealed everything and made a start on putting new carpets in. I've since not touched it, and I feel bad about it. Carbs need a rebuild, it was running so rich last year that it was fouling the spark plugs and backfiring pretty bad.

    As you can see I bought some new wheels for it, but haven't gotten around to putting tires on them. 16" Work Ewings (the SSRs are 15"). They're kinda rough, but all the parts are there. Same width as SSRs but slightly more aggressive offset. They sit pretty close to the rear arches, so that might be trouble (live rear axle). Might look silly big, too. We'll see.

    I bought this fabulous MX-5 1.8 to engine swap the B. But that just got pushed down in the to-do list by the BMW. It's been sitting on the concrete foundation of my soon-to-be garage for half a year. And outside my house for a year before that. Ughh.

    Yeah, I love the E12. In terms of looks I want to lower it slightly and put the Alpina front spoiler on it. Unfortunately the tires are all from 2002, so I don't think there's too much grip in either.

    Nah, BMW straight sixes are where it's at. This one has apparently only been running a few seconds after a complete rebuild. The guy who sold it to me was trying to rotate the distributor when it popped out of the motor. Can't see any damage so hopefully I just need to find top dead center and fasten it properly. It's more complete than in this photo.
  5. I need to get my BMW back up and running :( just been a struggle to save and it's pretty low priority

    Maybe I'll set aside some of my CoronaBucks(tm) for that
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I dont have any photos accessible (it's not here with me either) but it's a black '76 2002
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  8. Sweet!!!
  9. 02s are awesome! Maybe buy some shiny parts for it and keep them in the living room instead of putting them on the car, like I do.
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  10. I’ve been going through my various parts stores and came across my mg stuff if you happen to need anything do let me know
  11. Thanks. I need a carb rebuild kit. Some interior trim pieces too, but I'm guessing you have mechanical stuff mostly?
  12. I want to mod my car as well, but no money lol
  13. I bought an MSI gaming laptop for work (lol).
    I had been using a Mac Air for a few years and I needed the extra power for rendering and light gaming. Pretty happy so far.
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  14. Stance, br0000

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  16. I don’t have any rebuild kits but I do have a lot of random pieces. I found went through my copies of ownerships and apparently I have owned 43 mg bs. Also just got given a bunch of random stuff from a long term mechanic that’s cleaning out his stuff. What interior bits do you need?
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  17. that car already has monumental torque steer and now you take away the grip. it's also not an easy car to drive smoothly, and it's not particularly comfortable. it's impossible to mod a speed3 more incorrectly than this
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  18. No fat girls, car will scrape, breh!
  19. BUT WHAT ABOUT INTERNET CLOUT?!?! Surely that's more important than trivial things like grip, and handling, and genuine performance benefits?
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  20. I know someone with an MPS, he already tuned it to 400hp and wants to tune it to 500hp+. Obviously my next question is, what about the FWD torque steer? He asks me: what is torque steer?

    lol he will die
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  21. I have around 160hp in my 3 and it already torque steers
  22. There good
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  23. Yeah massive horsepower FWD builds always confuse me, unless they're track-only cars with serious suspension and drivetrain alterations to quell the torque-steer.

    There's a company in the UK ( who provide fully built packages for my old car (and the RS) for varying power levels all the way up to 700+ horsepower.

    fucking SEVEN HUNDRED horsepower in a FWD road car. I can't think of anything more pointless. There are even a couple of cars with over 900.
  24. That's so pointless and stupid. 250 hp is probably the max you want in a fwd car.
  25. I love spicy food. I want to try that.

    Yesterday i had some Ong Choy with bird eye chili. Love it.

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