Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

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  1. I've got over 300 in my FWD car and I have no driveability issue or torque steer.
  2. That's not a bad price for that much power.
  3. i forgot where i read it, but i thought that engine wasn't supposed to be able to take much more power. i want to say it's the block itself, but it's been a while. that car must be a nightmare. if you floor a stock one in 1st you're going to end up driving away at an angle.

    cars are weird though. my 220hp gti is obviously faster than my previous 263hp speed3
  4. Ikr. Drive in drive out service, too.

    Still, way too ridiculous for that car IMO and it seems kinda pointless if you can only really use full power from like, a 4th gear roll and up.
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  5. My moment of using a Matrix quote: Ignorance is bliss. :)
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  6. I bought dirt today. Soil that is for my greenhouse. This was some 250kg, I would really need a truckload or two.
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  7. Lol you should watch TX2K videos. We have so many 1000+ HP street cars here because of our wide open freeways.
    But, yes, 700HP modded (from factory seems more tame) is only for those living a 1/4 mile at a time.
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  8. I figured that the most responsible use of my Trump bux was to buy a $100 bottle of rum:

    It tastes really good. However, due to the price, I'd still take Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva over it at 1/3 the price
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  9. Wow, forty-three?? How many cars have you owned??

    I need the trim panels in front of the doors and the "starter cover". And I'm planning to put the red MX-5 seats in it, so I'd like some red accents to make them fit in.
  10. I have owned 148 cars in my lifetime so far. Most of them have been rusted out shit boxes that I quite literally bought for scrap value to take parts off to sell to other clients. I will take a look at what I have for kick panels and starter covers
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  11. Cars are indeed weird.

    My car has 150hp stock. Supposedly 10s to 100km/60mph, but i clocked it several times and i end up with 8 sec on average. That's a lot of difference. I don't get it.
  12. I have neither of those pieces unfortunately
  13. Most people who test normal cars don’t know how far a gas pedal can go towards the floor
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  14. No worries, thanks for checking!
  15. What kind?
  16. Just some weed. I don't do the 4/20 thing but it's decriminalized here and I have the medical card and dispensaries are doing big sales. 25% off and free joints with purchase. Buying legal is weird.
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  17. Yeah I bet that feels bizarre.

    A friend of mine keeps trying to get me to go to Amsterdam with him. I should do it at some point.
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  18. I bought a bicycle!
    Feel like it'd be a fun way to get outside while stuff is still closed. I was running at a local lake, but got a few dirty looks (presumably because I'm not wearing a mask while running) and that gets me so tired so quick and it isn't really fun. Hoping the bike will be a fun outdoors low intensity workout that will let me cover distances and enjoy being outside.

    It's a hybrid bike, a Marin Fair fax

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  19. I've been in a biking mood too. I used to bike for most of the day when I was a kid. It's relaxing. The problem is, the drivers here are so shitty. They don't pay attention to cars so I can't trust they would pay attention to bikes.
  20. Cycling is fun, but I don't do it anywhere near as much as I should.

    I was actually thinking just today that I should be cycling instead of going on walks like I have been doing lately. I'll fix the puncture I have tomorrow and go on a ride. I got one of these years ago and used it for commuting to my last job and It was really fast (same commute time as my car at the time), and was a great way to keep fit (abs got so shredded brah):

    I'd never had a road bike before this one, so it was pretty shocking how fast I could go! I didn't use it for about 5 years because when the weather got bad I just fell out of the habit and stuck with the car, but I got back on it again recently when I was forced to use it for a couple of weeks between drowning my car and getting my motorcycle. There are no direct bus routes from my house to work, so to avoid having to take 4 buses a day and spending over a tenner a day just to get to work and back It really was my only option, so I just sucked it up about the weather, wore plenty of layers and gritted my teeth. After the first couple of days I realised it wasn't so bad, and I ended up only taking 15 mins more than I would have done in a car. I got my 7.1 mile commute down to 35 mins. 5 minutes shorter on the way home (downhill).

    Something else I've recently been thinking about a lot is getting some big wheel roller blades purely for fitness. The park near me is completely flat and one lap is about 1.5 miles. I've got two pairs of aggressive skates but they're not suited to rougher ground/longer distances/higher speeds due to the small wheels. Pretty sure I'll be getting these at some point:

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  21. you need blades that can grind some rails bro
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  22. I've got these!


    Rails are pretty scary and beyond my skill level right now I think, but eventually I'll get a clip of a truespin topside pornstar (1) to alley-oop negative citric acid (2) down a kink rail for you. For now though, mini-ramps and ledges are more my speed.

    I was hoping to get back to working on my skills recently (I didn't do any work on a backflip last year!) but just as the weather started getting better this virus shit kicked off and the skate parks are locked down.


    EDIT: ugh formatting
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  23. The boardman bike gets my recommandation, it is nicely finished and has all the good shimano components.
    I used to ride this Giant Tourer bike for some years as commuter bike, it is from 1993/1994
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  24. RIP your testicles.
    There's enough nut shot videos to make me never want to try that stuff.
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