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  1. More alcohol.
  2. Lube. My new GF finds my cock to be too huge to have sex without it. I never really thought about using it before but tbh it actually feels pretty good, and I get a lubey hand job to start with every time we do it now... so win-win.
  3. Hahahhaahahaha

    EDIT: She's not black though, unfortunately.
  4. Supposed to be cold or do you heat it ?
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  6. It took me a while to lose my virginity until I realized the solution to that same problem. I had no idea I was 'above average' as all I had to go off of was porn. I would have lost my virginity at 16 but it would not go in. Humble brag, most definitely.
  7. Yeah same, always felt normal to me but the girls always seem to like it.
  8. cold
  9. I think I'm going to be buying a bunch of appliances. not sure what to go for yet as I have to buy for 4 houses.

    thinking of switching at least 1 to gas. any suggestions?
  10. I like the style. might do those for my house but I'm definitely not putting those in rentals.
  11. I feel like the dick tangent in here merits a separate thread.
  12. Yeah don't waste money on Miele for rental properties. It's top quality stuff though so definitely worth considering for your own house.
  13. lol...i Can get you designer discount probably. Do you guys gave Trail Appliances over there?
  14. I'd love to have Meile, Wolf, or Sub-Zero appliances. I hate seeing these faux-professional kitchens with big BTU burners that I know don't get used. #$%#ing rich people.
  15. get out of here perv
  16. Just wanna talk about dicks, man.

  17. Just wanna talk about dicks, man.

  18. ugh one boy posts on the internet and all the girls are like 'dik pix or gtfo'
    i dont wnat to live in this world
  19. games on xbox live games on demand. It's awesome because now I never have to get up and switch the CD.
  20. no we don't.

    still batting the idea of making my kitchen gas or not. one of the rentals will be going gas but only because the lines are literally right there for it and the electric appliances in there are from the early 90's (still work but the cook top is shit)
  21. for sure do it gas , usually the hookup is cheap .... and for what you will save with natural gas prices ... also its way better to cook with though if its a rental I doubt you care about that ..
  22. I rent, and I HATE having an electric hob unless it's unduction or halogen (luckily we have a proper gas one)

    personally, I think gas kitchen appliances make a place easier to let out.

    anything like this is SHIT
  23. ya I hav ea ceramic and have plans to change it over when I can find a vintage gas stove that is still in good condition and not massive ( like really massive) some of those old ones are huge

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