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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. another steering wheel and a hub adapter
  2. Some imitation colognes. I buy reasonable facsimiles of known scents in ridiculous sized spray bottles for pennies on the dollar because I like to spray them into my air conditioner intake to make my apartment smell good. They're knockoff, so they're dilute, and they wind up being the perfect strength for a small apartment.
  3. Hazelnut and gingerbread syrups for coffee. And 3 shirts from american apparel for $20 (plus shipping)
  4. Some badges for a Saab 900i.
  5. Bought a kitchen from Ikea
  6. Why IKEA?
  7. They are cheap. My mum spent a huge amount of money on a kitchen recently, and you can get the same quality from Ikea for literally 5-10% of the price. Apart from their appliances, they are shit.
  8. I haven't bought anything that's not food/drinks/bills in quite a while.
  9. just ordered a nexus 5 for free, but not really
  10. price.

    I had a friend buy a (very basic) kitchen, and have installed professionally, and he had little change out of $35,000.

    My ikea one is much bigger, just as good quality, if not better, and cost me $5000, with maybe another $1500-$2500 to spend on other things later (tiles, plaster, cornice, paint, etc)
  11. Thats awrsome
  12. nicely done.

    also the upper cabinet mounting system for ikea kitchens is stupidly easy.
  13. they just rebrand Whirlpool and other such manufactures I doubt they suck as much as you think.
  14. one of these
  15. Captain #$%#in moneybags over here, damn.
  17. The bittersweet part (lol @ pun) is that it's only marginally more impressive than the already magnificent XO.

    I'm glad I bought it, but to my mind it would be more appropriately priced at around triple the cost of the XO, not 5 fold.
  18. That's how I feel about most really expensive foodstuffs. Hopefully they're good, but are they really that much better than something similar, but way less expensive? Then again, looking at that the other way, why ever buy a really dank gourmet burger for $10 if you can get shitty McDonalds burgers for $1? Are they gourmet burgers really ten times better? Probably not, but I'd still pay for the good burger almost every time.

    I had Louis XIII a year or two ago. It was DELICIOUS, but I probably would have been just as happy with a $20 pour of cognac. Particularly given my limited experience with it. Glad I tried it, though.
  19. i think stuff hits an inverse relationship of diminishing returns to the more conspicuous the consumption gets. A 100$ bottle of booze is a exponentially better than a 50$ bottle, but a 200$ bottle is only just much better than the 100$. The higher the price, the slighter the improvement, because how much better really is a 100 year old spirit to a 25 year old spirit?
  20. Damn wheelman. Jelly. Very jelly.
  21. Makes my Glenfarclas 30 look poor ;_;
    Still haven't tried it again since I got it.
  22. If you are talking about the rail they hang onto, I wouldnt know!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
    Apparently North America Ikea has a different manufacturer of their cabinets, which include that rail.
    Australia does not <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    Ive installed some of it. Pretty easy so far though!!
  23. $5000 is amazing, my mum's kitchen was something like $70k, and apart from high end appliances and big bits of granite, is not better than an Ikea kitchen. Im suggesting that she installs an Ikea kitchen in the beach house.

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