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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. granted, I went cheap ... laminate benchtops, no soft closing.
    But still, if someone spent 15k - 20k on an Ikea one, I'd imagine it would be absolutely amazing.
  2. A trip to Rome. I went there last week, wednesday to sunday. Kinda disappointed.
  3. yes I am and that is bullshit. that rail is the easiest system I've ever come across.
  4. #$%#ing hate Ikea I have to set my Bosch screwdriver to 2-3 otherwise I torque my way through
  5. Italian cities are kind of disappointing.
    Gotta get out of that shit.
  6. got it today. really nice phone. its #$%#ing fast as #$%#
  7. got it today. really nice phone. its #$%#ing fast as #$%#

    and i don't get why people complain about the camera. its great.
  8. i got a nexus 5 pretty recently too

    its a great phone once you swap the back button on the navbar to the right side
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  10. Used to be on the left on my old Galaxy as well. I like it
  11. Used to be on the left on my old Galaxy as well. I like it
  12. 2013 Jetta GLI
  13. A sandwich and beer for lunch.
  14. my last purchase was a twix bar on the way home from work.
  15. Fat arse truck driver eating junk food.
  16. I bought two arduino chips from deal extreme, only to have them tell me after I have payed for them that they are out of stock and they are holding my order till stock arrives. Bloody dodgy website.
  17. I need new shirts, and want a new pair of pants. Shopping takes patience/money, though.
  18. Just order from british clothing stores online. They do free shipping and they are dirt cheap.
  19. Do they ship internationally?
  20. Yeah, I just ordered like 20 things from topshop in a clearance sale, used a code for a student discount, then used a code for free international shipping, and the whole lot cost me £54 delivered.
  21. Is this thread broken?
  22. How the hell van you order pants online?
  23. You choose your size and order them?
  24. dx is fine
    what are you going to arduino?
  25. Topshop only makes women's clothes.

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