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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Chairs for my living room and shoes
  2. Bought this "Canon" at a local thrift shop. Just thought it was kinda goofy, so it's just a shelf decoration. EDIT: Camera people may notice the 50mm f6.3 lens...
  3. I can usually buy a pair of Levi's sight unseen if I know the size for that style and that it fits me, but I swear every like 5th pair is just labelled wrong or some shit. I get four identical pairs, and the 5th will be a full 3 cm shorter in the leg.
  4. Why do your shoes need chairs?
  5. Why do you need 5 identical pairs of pants?
  6. I don't buy them at once, but only when the previous pair wears out. I wear through pants like a mother#$%#er, so if I find a pair I really like, I just replace it when it wears out.
  7. Didn't upload my other picture o_O
  8. They don't look like living room chairs. They look like chairs you are forced to sit on in an exam or when you go camping.
  9. My parents have seats like that. They sit next to a pond. They are outside seats.
  10. Yes they are folding chairs but the are supposed to be spare chairs and they're nicely made not plastic or something shitty
  11. had to get some shoes without reflective bits on them for work
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  13. Got another photo book today.
  14. New underwear
  15. Southpark. Stick of truth
  16. Becoming better friends with the armenians downtown who run a little store with eastern goods, so a lot of russian products like kvas, garlic sausage, caviar croutons, etc
  17. Ewww kvas. Tastes like old bread
  18. pretty cool game tbh
  19. tastes awesome
  20. Anyone used any of the digital Leicas? They look sexy but there's seems to be either moderately expensive models which look like rebranded Canons or something and hideously expensive models which look promising.
  21. Which models are you looking at?
  22. I'd buy a film Leica in a heartbeat. In fact I'm quietly considering an M3.

    But why would you get a digital one? I'm sure a Canon DSLR with a good lens can do just the same
  23. None in particular really, just browsing.
  24. That's kinda what I was wondering. The Leicas are nice and compact, but I was wondering if you lose image quality (or gain any) with them.
  25. Image quality is a bit better through 5D's etc, but there's the noise/size trade off.
    Really depends what you're shooting and what glass you want to pair it with.

    I've been thinking about getting an M6 for a long time. Not sure how much non-travel shit I'd shoot through it, though.

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