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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. seriously.

    i haven't laughed that hard whilst playing a video game for so long
  2. All this week, and a book.
  3. The digital M-mount models have good sensors and a great range of extremely high end lenses, but the same limitations as any other range finder, macro is a hassle, long telephoto is out of the question. So not something I ever really considered. For walking around/street photography it would be great though.
  4. You payed $40 for two spiders? You know they are free right?
  5. Oh, an ignorant post from burner.
  6. Is this actual confirmation that you are the most stupid man in the world?
  7. Oh and I bought these. I got a pair of magnifying glasses for when Im soldering and a projector for my GF. She wanted something called an artograph, which was some kind of optical projected, but I bought her a cheap digital one, because you can do the same thing with it I think.
  8. He wants to be wolfman
  9. Yeah, some are rebranded Sonys with a different grip at about ten times the price.
  10. Makes sense. I don't really do much long telephoto or macro, so one could work well for me. Not gonna spend the 3k or whatever though.
  11. Don't you buy Apple products?
  12. awesome, have fun!
    let me know how it goes
  13. buying a safe tomorrow. I expect many acme jokes in my near future.
  14. yes, exclusively. I fashion my clothing out of used apple shopping bags.
  15. Agreed!
  16. got a co2 carrier for my bike seatpost.
  17. knife sharpener as well as some books from to mclancy
  18. How was gaol? I would have thought you would have got yourself some sanitary pads, to soak up the blood?
  19. You need to get a life seriously and stop being so stupid.
  20. whoever's got this account now is doing a pretty average job
  21. Yeah, pigs blood in a vile and an ammunition stock pile would be more appropriate.
  22. Bicycle Barbie. Seriously.
  23. Stealership work for my jeep. On separate occasions I've made a couple repairs myself and neither stood the test of time. One involved vacuum hoses which required removing the rear bumper cover, the other was a cheap amazon window more repair that did not hold up. I had no desire to remove and reinstall the bumper because pop rivets are involved, and the window just really needed to be done properly. That and a couple of active recalls.
  24. maintenance on my hvac system lol, getting ready for summer!

    a UK converter for my eletronics

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