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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. I just spent $180 on a smart phone. I didn't become an iFag. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4. My inner cheap-skate is appalled.
  2. Your inner cheap skate is appalled that you spent $180 on an outdated phone? That's a medium size shop at the supermarket, or two tanks of petrol, what are you one about?
  3. as I believe I'm the only other person here who doesn't have a smart phone I'm slightly disapointed but I understand
  4. No smart phone here either. Hopefully never will.
  5. how the hell do you live without a smartphone
  6. We need a new vaccum and intelligent TV
  7. easily
  8. thats a strange pair of things to break at the same time
  9. how do you keep contact with people? do people still use sms in canada?
  10. lots of folk use sms in north america.

    I like that I can also strategically run my phone out of time when I don't want to talk to people. also very useful when I'm busy at work and don't want to talk to any other customers trying to sneak their cars in.

  11. diesel, 6 speed auto, 5 year warranty, 7 year roadside assist, $280 capped servicing for 4 years, 5.6L/100km .....$23500 drive away.

    Pretty hard to beat the value for money.
  12. Hyundai are making some good cars right now. don't know anything about the deisel but definately a solid car for the price.
  13. sounds like a bargain to me

    hyundai's build quality isn't really that far off japanese and german cars these days, too.

    I'd have a hyundai, probably
  14. LOL, you're fat. I don't know that I've ever spent $180 at the supermarket, even when I first moved in and had to buy EVERYTHING. And a tank of gas is $35, maybe. If you must know, the phone was only $100. The rest was taxes and fees and shit. I'm more appalled by the idea I've just sunk an extra $360/yr into something I'm not even sure I'll get much mileage out of.
  15. It's called talking to people. I'm socially awkward and I still manage it. You can always text, too.
  16. Nobody uses text here
  17. Pretty sure if you texted someone you wouldn't be an instant outcast.
  18. vacuum is to clean rapidly, a wireless one on a stick. With a babby you know

    my tv is starting to get sticky with news bars and whatnots, she's in this year's deathpool and none of my gizmos (Ouya, WD Live) can properly read movies anymore. So the SmartTV with its apps (Plex, VLC, etc.) will resolve that issue.

    What a #$%#ing good business case.

    and I drove the Forester XT yesterday, no issue with the CVT.
  19. Plex on Chromecast is great.
  20. thats what I'm looking for. Got my Plex server and Chromecast. just need time to test
    I've heard quite good things !1
  21. Wtf? Why did you even join this site? Seriously, what is wrong with the members who joined dreaming of a Ferrari, and left with a Hyandai. I can understand kind of if its for the wife, but no way would I aspire to a Korean car.
  22. Also, 6 speed auto is so 10 years ago now. Its all about the 8 speed now. 5.6L doesn't seem amazing for a small diesel car, I would have thought a modern diesel small car would be well under 5 (at least on the combined cycle rating).
  23. I'll say.
    I think they actually look pretty decent too, for an econo-box.

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