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  1. I think it sepends on how many posts per page you have selected.

    But yeah 30ppp master race anyway
  2. I tried 30. Didn't work. I changed to 20 now and it seems to work Ok now. For today anyways.
  3. Picked up a couple 6 packs for my camping fridge.

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  4. A double cheeseburger with bacon, onions, and hp sauce, with cajun fries and a vanilla (!) sprite from Five Guys.

    I like that it's all a lot fresher than the usual USA#1 fast food joint - the fries were bang on - but yeah pretty pricy really

  5. How much? Here that's 10-12 USD.
  6. I don't care much for Five guys. I find for the price the burgers are pretty tasteless. There are enough sit down boutique burger joints in my area that I just pass on them now.
  7. £14/$20.

    So roughly twice as much as Burger King/three times as much as McDonald's I guess.

  8. Lunch for me and my friend.
  9. I bought a house today.
  10. how many millions?
  11. paint. painted my bathroom.
  12. classic car insurance. didn't get in an argument over the phone this year.
  13. some hoof conditioner for my horse
  14. Beef Vindaloo. 12cl vine. 20e + paid 2e tip. Michelin star quality food from my local Indian place. Also one of the cheapest restaurants in town.

    Car related, got electrics for my trailer hook yesterday, so hoping to get the actual hook for Easter. Installing will be a big thing for me as Im not that good a mechanic, but Im confident Ill get it done nicely.
    Cooper can tow max 210kg with the trailer Im about to buy. Hilarious.
  15. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 for the Legacy.
  16. A bit under 1. Im not wealthy, I can't afford a multi million dollar house yet. My house needs a shit tonne of work though.
  17. You pauper. You should feel ashamed.
  18. You must be on half decent coin, I imagine weekly payments are in the vicinity of $1000/week.

    Congtars btw!!
  19. When I say a bit of work, it is a shithole, It doesn't have a hallway to the rear of the house (its completely open), has two bedrooms, and needs a major renovation. It hasn't had its carpet changed in at least 40 years, it has a disabled toilet and the world's worst kitchen. Its on a 180sqm block, but is in one of the best suburbs in Melbourne. I literally will be living as a pauper as I do it up, because there is no way in hell I will move back in with may parents, and I can't afford to rent, pay a mortgage and pay for renovations at the same time.
  20. I bought a 1+1 a couple months ago. Big phone is big. My work phone is a 4s which is kind of lovely in its smallness.
  21. what is a 1+1
  22. Chinese built open source phone. It's 350 unlocked for a phone that competes with any new phone.
  23. but its Chinese
    probably spying on USA on your behalf
  24. a modem

    did I post this already?
  25. My feet have been getting tired from standing around for 16 hours a day, so I bought some Adidas Boosts yesterday. Pretty much walking on a cloud this morning. So comfy.

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