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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Doubble nat issue
  2. Putting up some new closet doors?
  3. hahah
  4. preparing for a suspension install.
  5. #$%#in lol
  6. My Nexus 5 is on its way, finally, after a month's delay.
  7. He would be so proud of my khakis

    i miss him
  8. balaklava and gloves.

    either im going to commit a crime or its too cold to enjoy riding my bike right now.
  9. Me too <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  10. Ah, thats a thing, soo. ISPs don't often give you access to their equipment's admin stuff. You can call them and ask them to just make it a bridge and it'll do what you want. But even the ISP I work for has a habit of changing that back frequently (upgrades and outages and other weird things).

    Still, ring them up and they can probably do it.
  11. It's probably admin<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>assword to get into the router. That's always worked for my various Comcast things.
  12. I spent 2 hours on the phone with them. We reset the settings to default and tried again twice until I gave up for that day. I wonder if they'd give me a regular modem to replace that router thing.
  13. 1928 funnyback $1 note
    2x 1935 silver certificates in VG
    1963 $5 red seal starnote
    1953 $2 red seal starnote
    1935 $1 starnote
  14. Fruit at the market
  15. I'd be surprised if they don't have eight different models. If you're connection is more than 15 or 20mb though, you might be limited in what you can get because the older modems didn't support the higher speeds. Still, I gotta figure they have at least ONE docsis3 non-wifi modem.
  16. With the help of my roommate, I now know that I can just set the new device to get a dynamic IP from the other modem/router. After all, the only thing that broke in the old device is the antenna and the rest still works fine.
  17. that's the double NAT thing that c7015 was talking about. if the dynamic IP is an internal/private address from the LAN interface of the modem/router (192.168.x.x. or some other private rannge) then you're creating an extra unnecessary network between the modem/router and your own router. It's usually no big deal, but there can be performance implications. If the dynamic IP is a public dynamic that came from your ISP and NAT isn't active on the modem/router, then you're good.
  18. How bad can it be?
  19. There is no problem with it as long as you understand Port forwarding. Service forwarding... Going to assume you don't

    Double-natting pros: Some more security
    Double-natting cons: You can to forward everything twice. Troubleshooting becomes a pain and some applications over the net won't work
  20. You collect monies?

    Only dorra?
  21. Phone twinsies!
  22. 4x sweet corn, 6x free range pork sausages, 6x nice beers for a bbq last night
  23. I get it.
    Then again this is my mom's place we're talking about. All she ever does is browse some Facebooks, read some E-mails, and generally use her iPhone. I'm sure she won't notice this. If I ever need to download some torrent or something, I could always just connect to the broken router, right?

    Also thanks for your help, it's much appreciated.
  24. Yay! I'm so excited, my current phone sucks real badly. If all goes well, I should be getting my Nexus tomorrow.

    Is it good?
  25. I like the phone itself, but I haven't been able to switch my service over yet (my current phone has no SIM, so I had to order a SIM card for this one). I've been playing around with it on WiFi in the meantime and really like it.

    Good size (big enough, but thin so it isn't heavy), nice screen resolution and good picture quality from what I can tell.

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