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  1. Let's just say that my lifestyle was extremely different 6 years ago. That music was part of the scene.

    I'm sure every single song you've ever listened to is as perfect as Beethoven's 5th, oh great infallible burner. Nobody is as cool as you.
  2. Picked up a Front Runner bed rack for my truck.
  3. Why can I see people posting in here, but when I come in, there are no posts?
  4. Long threads get progressively more #$%#ed up because deleted posts aren't actually deleted, so it takes however many posts have been deleted as overlap between pages.
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    Yeah its just fun to be able to move some air and jam out to whatever kind of bass you prefer. I've only recently been hearing about Jamo... Mostly in various subreddits. It's generally an EU thing, yeah?

    And I just got done getting to play the Cerwin Vegas at an outing and they were just awesome. I was worried my home theater amp would be way too weak to make good sound but I discovered it came with a bi-amp preset that has the mids & highs wired to front L/R, and then the four 15s go into the rear L/R channels and it split the frequencies after setting crossover and allowed all four to be individually amped! Was more than enough for what I needed, super thump monsters fo sho.

    Thank god I figured it out myself after a few hours in the million-page operation manual because the retards at Sam Ash tried to tell me that I'd need two separate 1000 watt amps just to make sound. I'm going to go in there Monday and teach the idiots how to audio.
  6. what a shitty site
  7. Yah Jamo is Danish. I guess products from a country that's smaller than 41 different US states* don't often get seen over there.

    Fkin lol @ a 1000W amp for each speaker. People in shops are generally massive bullshitters.

    *I couldn't resist looking this up.
  8. an amiibo for a sibling
  9. Hmm interesting. Not sure what their development team is thinking, they have one job and that is to make an easy to use counsel. Disappointing.
  10. Get a PS4 if you are getting a game console. You can do much more. I have one and it's generally just a blu-ray player in my house. But I like that it's 3d capable as well. My kids watch 3d movies all the time.
  11. Maybe it's time for Your Latest Purchase 2
  12. n00b
  13. A bunch of rechargable AA and AAA batteries and charger for my camera bag. High capacity, too, so my flashes actually cycle faster for longer. Feels good, man.
  14. What brand and charger? I'd like to invest in those myself
  15. Eneloops ftw.
  16. Airline tickets and beer and wine. I can't afford anything since I spend all my money on airline tickets. The little money I have left I spend on alcohol to be able to forget how little money I have left.
  17. Bought a pair of these for the gym.

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  18. bottle of wine for my tuesday night
  19. 4 tickets to Costa Rica.
  20. A ticket to see Dave Chappelle tonight.
  21. Kinda tempted to buy a DH bike but don't know how much I'll use it at home.
  22. If you already have a bike you like, consider just upgrading to a 150mm front fork. It won't hurt you on your all mountain or cross country riding. But depending on how much travel you're adding though, it may change the geometry in a way that you don't like.
  23. Whoa, jealous.
  24. I saw him ages ago, pretty sure while his show was still going on. I remember it being funny, but I remember him laughing way too much at his own jokes. He kept cracking himself up on his deliveries.
  25. I've got a 150mm front/rear travel all mountain bike back home in NZ, but I didn't bring it away with me, and it looks like Whistler's opening early this year, and the North Shore keeps calling, so a 200mm DH bike or a 170mm inbetweener is very very tempting.

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