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  1. ugh hater
    people like you are the reason he left show business
  2. i paid to see rick james now fuvcking give me rick james
  3. comma b1tch
  4. it was pretty dope. the guy that plays ashy larry opened for him. he was kinda ok, but difference between donnell's act and dave's act is night and day. dave's is so polished professional and waaaaay funnier.
  5. was there any sweet crowd work
  6. Galaxy S6 is in the mail... Finally get to throw out my Galaxy Nexus w/3 backup batteries in my pocket.

    Lasted me nearly 4 years, got my money's worth I guess.
  7. I'm waiting for iPhonse 6S even though I'm DYIN to get the S6
  8. Yeah, I'm glad that I passed up on the S5/M8/M9/G3/etc.

    Already have the wireless charger underneath my glass desk to charge in super magic stealth mode <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>
  9. that's slick bro
  10. not really. he did tell one dude though that he would #$%# his girlfriends feet. it was a continuation of a bit about him having a foot fetish.

    also, some guy came back from the bar into the front row, and he kinda had his head down because he didnt want to obscure the view of the people behind him, and dave said he looked like he was running to catch a helicopter.
  11. New chairs. They are quite red.

    And a mailbox.

    Adult life ;_;

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  12. Why is the letter M on your curtains?
  13. roman numbers, not my choice though.
  14. cause its the dining room ...mmmm food
  15. Just picked up a side gig doing some car photography and need a new tripod. Suggestions?
  16. Depends how much you wanna spend.
  17. Prob $100, maybe $150 if I have to
  18. spend more
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